Jimmy Eat World – Brixton Academy, London

By Tom Aylott
Brixton Academy has played host to countless bands in it’s time, and the return of Jimmy Eat World to the capital inevitability brings the hoards cramming into ot’s sloped floors in their droves.

The only support band tonight is MINUS THE BEAR [3.5], and though the fact their heavy on the new album leaves the crowd reaction a little sparing in places, it’s hard not to appreciate the talent.

Unfortunately, Minus The Bear are a band that really do suit an intimate setting better, so in a way, appreciating the talent is all you can do, but the bold choice of support pays off well.

By the time they leave the stage, Brixton Academy is warmed up and ready for the headliners, and it’s a job well done for the Seattle tech rockers.

JIMMY EAT WORLD [4] are the sort of band that will have their live performances judged by their choice of setlist, and tonight’s 22 song epic is no different.

They’ve got a long list of releases to draw from, and kicking things off with Bleed American and A Praise Chorus sends a bit bout of electricity through the room – even if they’re usually better suited to the later stages of the set.

There’s little to complain about when it comes to performance with Jimmy Eat World, but there’s moments of frustration here and there when a long string of the more mid-paced numbers roll out.

The band are at their strongest when pushing the pace a little, and Pain rings out as the shining star in the middle of their set. 22 songs is a long time to hold a crowd’s attention, and though the more docile moments are the least memorable, there’s much to adore in the professionalism they’ve honed over their career.

Those more versed in the album tracks will have come away happiest, and you’d argue that’s the most important thing, but the closing salvo of Get It Faster, The Middle and Sweetness is just fantastic for everyone in the building.

Some bands who’ve had the run they have get a little lazy on the live performance, but Jimmy Eat World clearly don’t want that label tagged to them. Take note, aspirational pop-rock megastars in the making.

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