Hey Monday – Manchester Academy

By paul

The first Hey Monday headlining tour, of which tonight was the final leg was packed full of bands to attract the ‘kids’ out and to be fair it seems to have worked. The crowd is a decent size as I walk in belatedly to hear Stereo Skyline just finishing their set. Time however to settle in and get ready for the other 3 bands due to grace the Manchester Academy 3 tonight.

Out Of Sight were next to hit the stage and as the only UK based band on tonight I’m pinning the UK scene on them to show how we can do it at least as well as those Yanks. No pressure then! They play a solid/tight set with Jake getting the crowd going as best he can, along with that dreaded in-between song banter. The crowd seem to take OOS well and their Killers cover of ?When You Were Young? was a predictable highlight for the crowd. They leave the stage with me feeling warm inside after seeing them deliver a surprisingly competent set.

Every Avenue are the 3rd and final support band of the evening and boy do they pack a punch! They quite comfortably outshine all that have gone before them and put what appeared to be a decent solid set by OOS into perspective. You can tell this is a prime example of American bands (particularly the younger ones) just looking more comfortable on stage and more assured with their entire performance. They by far confirm themselves as the highlight of the night thus far and leave the kids searching for the merch tent.

The expectation by now for Hey Monday‘s set is at fever pitch and I can’t help but be concerned this can only end badly after what I’ve heard about Cassadee’s signing on this tour from various people. I pray Hey Monday can blow my socks off and prove everyone wrong! Please! Unfortunately Cassadee’s singing and Hey Monday‘s set fails to set the world alight. It strikes of a band who either haven’t found their feet after being thrown on a major label in a way to capitalise on the Paramore boom. There’s no doubt on this showing though that Cassadee’s voice isn’t in the same league as that of Hayley’s. Set wise the opener of ?Homecoming? is a big success with the crowd with ?How You Love Me Now? and ?Obvious? other clear highlights. ?Candles? was clearly the ‘sing along’ of the night with the crowd singing as much of the song as Cassadee. Towards the end of the set the crowd are ‘treated’ to ?Should’ve Tried Harder? which despite apparently being a highlight for them as a band to play live it’s a very big disappointment with it ranking as possibly the worst track of the set.

The band later finish with ?6 Months? and after 7 songs we’re all done. Was that it…? I know they’ve only got one album but I was expecting more. They then (as it’s the last date on the tour) come on with all the other bands to do a rendition of ?Dammit? by Blink 182 and Cassadee is clearly left feeling a little embarrassed as she clearly doesn’t know the song or lyrics as well as the crowd of the other people on stage…

Oh well… Hey Monday clearly do have the base of being a good band but they are clearly a little excited for their first UK headlining tour and hopefully with a bit more experience playing shows together and touring abroad. Maybe I shouldn’t be that surprised with Elliot’s recent departure from the band. Much greater things to come hopefully!