Ghost of a Thousand – London Docklands Arena

By paul

Outcry Collective
The Ghost of A Thousand

Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes 01/06/2009

Outcry Collective. Bloody good them – I mean, really good. The venue may well be a bowling alley, the show itself may well be free, and the vocalists mother may well be in the audience, but what a show. A six man mosh pit dominates the floor and Steve Sitkowski (vocals) is the first person to get involved. There’s kicking, screaming and an all right rawness to the performance. Take Gallows and cross them with Taking Back Sunday and you are getting there. They may be supporting Ghost of A Thousand at their album launch but Outcry are not messing around. No half arsed performance and no prisoners. Its infectious, its lairy and its down right brilliant.

Climbing on stage to the proverbial (albeit subtle) war cry if “Its our fuckin’ party so you’re playin’ on our turf” – it doesn’t take long for The Ghost of A Thousand to establish the ground rules? punk rock 101. It?s hard, it?s fast, it?s loud. With a blood curdling scream vocalist Tom Lacey launches the band into a set which despite the intimate setting includes crowd surfing, stage diving, ceiling climbing and amateur screamers on the mic. Forty minutes of punch your gran in the face punk rock which has a rather more wholesome feel to it than a certain other band on the scene. Outcry may have lit tonight’s touch paper but the sheer power and confidence exuded by TGOAT demonstrates why they are here, why they are now signed to Epitaph and why they could – and rightly should be about to blow up properly. New Hopes, New Demonstrations – and a new challenger for best British Band 2009.