Get Cape.Wear Cape.Fly – Grimsby Spiders Web

By paul

Ok, this was at the Matrix, not Spiders Web, just deal. Everyone who reads this site should know I love Get Cape, so the chance to see them in my own patch was never going to be passed up on. Having Andy, Glenn and Ritch open up was even more of a special delight. The Matrix is literally the room above a pub/members-only alternative bar. It’s home to many gigs, but not many great ones – after all, who ever comes to play in GY? It was therefore a massive bonus to see Sam drop by – incidentally, Grimsby is the furthest north the poor boy has ever been. I doubt he’ll come back…

ANDY, GLENN and RITCH are very, very good. Awe-inspring even. While they’re good recorded, they’re so, so much better live, where every subtle time change or chord switch can be noticed. The sound is never great in the Matrix, and this detracts a little from the overall quality, but A,G+R are still an enthralling live band. I feel like I have a little writers block so I won’t try and lay any more superlatives on them, I’ll just say they’re well worth checking out when they visit your town. (8)

GET CAPE WEAR CAPE FLY is just Sam, his trusty guitar and a laptop. It works so well too. People have criticised me for promoting Get Cape… so much, suggesting he’s not ‘punk’, but when you complete a week-long tour using nothing but trains to get around, and write songs about the BNP, I’d suggest that was more punk than most. ‘Whitewash Is Brainwash’ and ‘Get Cape Wear Cape Fly‘ are amazing, amazing songs and arguably better when they’re stripped down in a live environment. being a solo artist is not easy, yet Sam has everyone (well, all 15 of us in the crowd) in the palm of hi hands, telling little stories and subtle jokes in between the tracks. A cover of Alkaline Trio‘s ‘Radio’ even graces the stage before his set is cut short because of time restrictions. I know I’m guilty of hyping some bands up – most of whom deserve it – but Sam’s a special talent. Check him out. (8)