Futures – The Masque, Liverpool

By Tom Aylott

Whilst entering the intimate Masque there’s a good crowd already populating the venue, meaning PEGASUS BRIDGE at least have a decent audience to play to. They’ve built up a decent reputation as a live band over the last 12 months and the Manchester band play a strong eight song set that incorporates some familiar favourites along with new track ‘Heartstrings’ with much of it impressing. The title track of the debut album ‘While We’re Young’ and latest single ‘Like Dogs’ start things off and gets the crowd going. The vocals really pierce through the crowd. These are matched with some infectious hooks and decent lyrics that set the night off to an excellent start. [4/5]

Following an impressive start to the evening LOWER THAN ATLANTIS hit the stage as the main support. Given their more aggressive sound LTA offer something completely different musically than both other bands tonight. This results in a poor crowd reaction which clearly gets to the band who don’t hide their frustration. This at times unfortunately spoils the performance which in parts is excellent. Mike Duce is a terrific front man and is well supported by the rest of the band, but the energy from Duce is particularly relentless. Even though the crowd don’t appear to be with them they still seem to have them in the palm of their hands. It’s been a while since Punktastic has seen a band make the entire audience sit down and certainly didn’t expect to see a circle pit large enough to rival Anti Flag. These guys clearly have what it takes to headline a venue of this size but for whatever reasons they don’t go down well this evening and unfortunately let it get to them more than they should. [3.5/5]

The night has been dragging behind schedule all night and it’s a late start by the time FUTURES arrive. With that said it’s partially understandable why the band play such a short set. Short or not though this band have grown superbly as a live band to improve significantly (again) from when they toured towards the back end of 2010. Their on stage presence is vastly improved since then and they’ve moved away from being excitable but talented kids to become a very assured and quality live band.

The set starts and finishes with the very catchy and radio friendly songs from last years EP ‘The Holiday’ and some newer songs are thrown in the middle. Of the older songs ‘Sal Paradise’ is excellent and the highlight of the night. The less well known ‘Oxygen’ though also really impresses and ‘Say My Name’ could prove to be a future fan favourite.

The buzz around these guys is significant at the moment and on tonights performance it’s all justified. Futures are surely destined for big things.