Futures – Manchester Night and Day

By Andy

There are 7 bands on show tonight across 2 stages and so I obviously won’t be covering them all. This review will concentrate on the Moho Bar stage. Unfortunately the massive queue outside means I missed Blitz Kids tonight leaving just Francesqa, Out Of Sight and Futures on the smaller of the 2 stages.

FRANCESQA begin to a packed out room that was described by Ash (Wilkie, vocals) as being the size of a toilet and there’s no doubt it is very small! If there are100 people crammed in here I’d be surprised.

The songs off ?We Lived? get the most attention from the crowd however generally it’s a subdued audience. The energy shown by the guys is nothing short of stunning. They really play as if it’s their last show. Ash has a great presence as lead vocalist and the band are on top form. Time is short and so banter/chat is limited but they let the music do the talking. The final 2 tracks ?Crooked Little Sun?, which has some more hardcore elements to it and ?Ghosts? are the highlights, the crowd getting a little more into the latter. Overall though the crowd don’t come close to matching the level of enthusiasm of Francesqa. They are clearly enjoying themselves on stage at the moment and getting better and better.

OUT OF SIGHT have the unenviable task of following Francesqa and as part of their set announce that they’re taking a break shortly to write a new album. The guys to appear to have been touring a lot over the past year and I think it’s served them well. They’ve improved their live show significantly and developed a decent following. It’s a shame there aren’t many to see them tonight though, with many apparently choosing to watch Deaf Havana instead.

The core of the band’s set remains from previous occasions. It’s clear they never take themselves too seriously and this is most evident in the cover of Black Eyed Peas? ?I’ve Got A Feeling?, which also gets the greatest crowd reaction and works well for them. Sean chats a lot throughout, mainly in frustration he can’t get the crowd moving. This changes a little with their final song ?Hey! (Walk Away)? which is a good end to a good set. It will be interesting to see how the band progress from here though with their new record. It could well make or break what has been a promising period for the guys.

FUTURES complete the line up and do so with a lot of hype surrounding them. A recent headlining tour was a big success and you can’t move in this room as they start, with doors open so people can somehow hear these guys play. The Holiday EP dominates the 8-song set, with new single ?Oxygen? also included. I personally think this is a better performance than what I saw a few weeks ago. It feels less forced and they appear even more confident in themselves. Thinking back to Slam Dunk and how they’ve developed live is proof that touring regularly is important for a young band.

The crowd naturally take very well to the whole set, right from when the drums kick in at ?16? to the predictable ending of ?The Boy Who Cried Wolf?, which actually proves to be the weakest song tonight. ?The Summer? and ?Thank You? however are both excellent and ?Sal Paradise? continues to be my favourite.

I think it’s safe to say this is and will be the smallest gig the band have and will play for a while but I?m confident it is one everyone will savior as the hype around Futures further accelerates.