Fall Out Boy – Brighton Centre

By paul

Plus Kids in Glass Houses & Hey Monday
March 8th 2009

By the time Hey Monday kick off the evening, The Brighton Centre is almost full to capacity. It seems people REALLY wanted to get here early for Fall Out Boy, especially considering the doors opened at half six. Doing jus that definitely paid off though, as newcomers Hey Monday set the room alight with their PG-rated brand of pop-punk. Perfectly tailored for the audience demographic present, they?re a polished act. Most of all though, leading laydee Cassadee Pope is extremely capable of getting a party started (and stealing a few young men?s? hearts as she does it, too).

Kids In Glass Houses keep the bar raised high for the evening, with a set that has been honed to perfection in the last year or so on the road. With singalong delights appearing in the forms of Give me what I want and Saturday (although not the best song called Saturday to be heard tonight), their all-too-short set is a perfect example of just why this band are so bloody huge now. We?ve been following the boys since they first made their mark on the scene back in 2006, and it?s incredibly satisfying to see them playing stages like this now.

At some point around nine, the pop-punk juggernaut that is The Fall Out Boy Show parks its wheels on stage, and doesn?t stop until East Sussex?s entire supply of pyrotechnics is safely exhausted. With the exception of the usually dreadful cover of Beat It and a thirty second attempt at the irritating American Boy , it?s a near-flawless set. Newcomers such as Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes fit in perfectly next to the old favourites of Grand Theft Autumn and Sugar, We?re going down , and there?s no doubt this band know how to please both new and existing fans. By the time Pete Wentz has thrown himself into the crowd at the end of Saturday, the job is done and Chicago?s finest have proved their worth.

Andy R