Failsafe – Brighton Centre

By paul

Failsafe with support from The Misnomer, Whisper the Image & Go and Come Back
Brighton Freebut
25th September 2007

Tonight at the Freebutt, entry is free and evidently a few of the locals have taken advantage of that offer, as by the time Go & Come Back hit the stage, the venue is commendably populated. Understandable, considering the openers are from down the road, and the band manage to thrive off their popularity here on stage. Dynamic, passionate and full of energy, they produce a satisfying blend of hardcore riffs and melancholy vocals which ends up being fairly impressive. If only their bassist didn?t have such peculiar stage moves? (3/5)
Whisper the Image are unfortunately less impressive. Generic, and tedious, they?re not bad per se, rather they come across as clichโ€š?d and choreographed. With little They?re not helped by the sound engineer?s apparent inability to work a mixer either. (1/5)
It?s hard to be impartial where Punktastic bands are concerned. I?ve never actually seen the Misnomer before and tonight was a great introduction to Ellis and Co?s live experience. Filling their setlist heavily with yet-to-be-released material, we?re treated to what?s in store in the coming months, and honestly their new tracks are stellar. As with Whisper the Image, the venue?s soundman didn?t do them any favours, but they still managed to win over a surprisingly sombre crowd.(3.5/5)
Above all of this, tonight is totally about Failsafe. Considering it?s only their second ever Brighton show, it?s no surprise at the crowd?s size and many people here have clearly been waiting a very long time to see the Preston fivesome. Jim is an absolute treat to observe on stage, and his energy levels perpetuate throughout their forty minute set, in which they manage to squeeze some quality renditions of ?Cities and Headlights? and ?Fire at Will?. However. The highlight of their set lies in ?To Deny Yourself?, which has the crowd screaming along in unison. A band that shouldn?t be overlooked, I?m personally crossing my fingers for 2008 being their year, as tonight?s performance displays how worthy of it they are. (5/5)

Andy R