Emarosa – Manchester Roadhouse

By paul

We Don’t Dance For Love Songs are the first band on. An early start, with doors at 18:00 does mean that the people are still filtering in as they play, including me. Unfortunately there’s nothing to get overly excited about here despite them definitely giving their all. They sound a little green, of a band who haven’t been together long but this is probably more nerves than anything else. They get little to no response from the crowd either, which probably doesn’t help, even when they play a cover of 5ive’s ?Keep On Movin’? towards the end of their set. (2/5)

Deaf Havana (without lead vocalist Ryan) are the main support tonight and once you get over the fact that James is taking over from lead vocals and there will thus be little screaming it’s a highly enjoyable experience. The small pit that develops towards the very end showing they’ve also got the attention of the crowd. The epic ?in desperate need of adventure? goes down really well but ?nicotine and alcohol saved my life? was a clear highlight. I really enjoyed the vocal performance in particular tonight and despite the roadhouse not being known for superb sound I found it hard not to be impressed. Difficult to see their rise not continue further if this is the standard. (4/5)

Emarosa don’t hang around tonight getting on stage early by my watch as the 20th century fox theme introduces them. I know it’s superficial but if there’s one thing that has to be commented on first up, it’s the truly impressive ginger mullet of lead vocalist, Johnny Craig. There’s clearly a lot of love for him in the room tonight with the young audience chanting his name at various points. He also appears quite attached to the elevated platform, but whilst most use it for additional impact he barely moves off it. This benefits the people at the back but means his movement is restricted. The set is predictably ?Relativity? heavy with ?Set It Off Like Napalm? being a favourite but we’re also treated to a couple of new tracks, including ?A Toast To The Future Kids!?. Both well respected. Casablanca, as the encore, is comfortably their best song and finishes with plenty of crowd surfing, later enticing the band to stage dive at the very end.

Overall Emarosa were a little disappointing as I think they sound better on record than live but definitely still enjoyable. (3/5)