LIVE: Electric Six – O2 Academy, Islington

By Tom Aylott

SWOUND! – quite good, actually!

Opening the night are MIGHTY TINY, who bring the first “what the fuck” factor to tonight’s proceedings: wearing a selection of peculiar masks and playing what can only be described as a strange blend of gypsy punk and southern rock. This all works very well at times but when it doesn’t work, it really doesn’t work!

Next up, from these very shores, are SWOUND!. With their Weezer-esque sound they win over the crowd from the word go, and they sure as hell don’t let up. They boost the love they receive from the crowd by hurling three very special gifts from the stage into the hundreds of arms grasping at the air above in hope of catching one – first comes a banana followed by a Freddo, and then finally came the holy grail, a Kinder Egg.

On ELECTRIC SIX, we’ll start with a word of warning – never go into a gig seeing a band for a first time with someone else‘s opinion already lodged in your mind. Being told in advance to expect a funnier experience seeing ELECTRIC SIX than that of a STEEL PANTHER gig, we expected to spend a majority of the night having a laugh, but as you may have guessed, this did not happen. It’s common knowledge that the success of this band derives from their two massive hits ‘Danger! High Voltage’ and ‘Gay Bar’, but you’d expect them to have a few more songs of this caliber in their arsenal, but with exception of ‘Dance Commander’, you’d be dead wrong. So while Electric Six weren’t playing these songs, we ended up a little bored, and it seemed the majority of the audience were too. At times it is far more enthralling watching the cringe-worthy dance moves of the drunk middle-agers, and Dick Valentine’s attempt at in-between song banter is nigh-on disastrous.


See photos of SWOUND! from the night in our galleries area.