Devil Sold His Soul – Camden Underworld

By Andy

After we missed the entirety of the first support, FEED THE RHINO [3.5/5] took to the stage in a packed out Underworld. Showcasing material from impressive 2010 debut ‘Mr Red Eye’, Feed The Rhino take a ‘kitchen sink’ approach to impress Devil Sold‘s disparate fanbase.

FTR are at their best when they move into Every Time I Die-esque rollicking riff territory, making them natural heirs within the UK scene to bands such as Blackhole and The Ghost Of A Thousand. A band with potential, they need to find their groove if they are to step up a gear.

DEVIL SOLD HIS SOUL [2.5/5] are undoubtedly one of the more attractive live prospects around today. Having seen them flatter to deceive with an underwhelming performance weeks ago on the Rock Sound tour with Architects and Norma Jean, tonight they have the crowd eating out of the palm of their hand musically, creating a maelstrom of power and subtlety, darkness and light. Whereas older material took its cues from bands like Aereogramme, Mahumodo and early Poison The Well, most recent record ‘Blessed And Cursed’ takes a blanched approach to modern metalcore, earning them legions of fans in common with Brightonians Architects. Go figure.

As stated previously, musically they were grandiose but the vocals of Ed Gibbs let them down completely. Soaring parts are rasped, deep growls are whimpered. Truly, they would’ve been brilliant performing as an instrumental act tonight, but it was a frustrating performance from two acts with so much to offer.