Carter Brown – London Earls Court

By paul

Carter Brown + Little Things
The Star Inn, Guildford
4th June 2007

The Star Inn is rammed tonight, as two of the towns most talked about collectives prepare for something of a homecoming. First on stage is the rather kooky outfit known as Little Things. Owing more than just a passing nod to Modest Mouse, they?re fun to watch, even if they do suffer from a rather ropey vocal performance courtesy of their frontman. Regardless, it?s something they seem to be able to get away with, as their sound is the kind that thrives on imperfections and obscurity.

After an unnecessarily agonising wait, Carter Brown finally take to the stage to the sheer delight of everyone in the room. A band that are beautifully uncomplicated, their back-to-basics rock ?n roll sound resonates off the bodies before them, and the likes of ?Say Hello? and ?She Said? go down a treat. Frontman Matt Russell has one of the most refreshing voices this reviewer has heard in a while, and its sheer raucousness fits perfectly with the bands sleazy sound. Russell?s lyrics are sharper than they first appear, and the topics he writes about are apt ? drink, drugs, women and overindulgence in all of the above.

Crack open the Jack Daniels, rack up the cocaine and head over to Carter Brown?s Myspace now. They?ll provide you with the soundtrack to the filthiest nights of your life, and you may just find they?re your new favourite band, too.

Andy R