Canterbury – Stoke Club Jaxx

By paul

*Gig was at the Sugarmill*

I’ll admit with all the buzz around Canterbury‘s live performances I’m looking forward to this evening and it’s safe to say I wasn’t disappointed but let?s focus on their friends first ?LightsGoBlue?. I admit that whilst listening to the 3 songs available for free download via their musicglue site I wasn’t hugely inspired but will be going back to them after this duo delivered an enthusiastic and pleasing set. If nothing else I really enjoyed the passion these guys played with. ?Kiss This, Kiss That? was a clear highlight. Unfortunately there weren?t a huge amount of people in the crowd to witness the set, but about half headed to the merch stand and that is testament to the impact these guys had tonight.

Canterbury later come on stage and after 1 chord the crowd almost doubled as people from the pub next door filled the room. As they arrived I couldn?t help but me amused at the fact Mike is wearing a Billy Talent t-shirt, following the recent support slot. As the set progresses it becomes clear that most of the limelight and focus is around Mike and Luke, the two vocalists, not just for their delivery but their work with guitar and keys as well. Take nothing away from Ben, Scott and James though.

On the faster numbers these guys excelled to a level way beyond their years and ?Take Me Out Of the Wall? and ?Diver? back to back emphasised this point superbly. A real treat! I was disappointed by the omission of ?Hospital? and ?Hometime? but can understand why. The band also looked so natural on stage tonight, like they really belonged, which has got be helped from all the touring they?ve done recently. Mike constantly looks to get the crowd going and with some of the songs already at their disposal it wasn?t difficult for the crowd to respond. There are some odd moments where Mike came across a little camp but I?m sure the girls in the audience disagree with me on that one! The mobbing he receives post gig is testament to that.

It?s hard to see these guys not going very far indeed and on tonight?s performance it will be a rapid rise. Much bigger club shows are sure to follow in 2010 and it couldn?t happen to a nicer group of guys.