LIVE: Bring Me The Horizon / Young Guns / Issues / Sleepwave @ Wembley Arena

By Adam Rosario

Friday, the 5th December. The day Bring Me The Horizon delivered on their promise to become one of the biggest bands in the UK.

But first, Sleepwave, Spencer Chamberlain’s newest venture. Opening at the modest time of 6.45, they set the tone with a very bassy set. Chamberlain’s showmanship shines through, and shows why they’re to be taken seriously. With a sound which is like Nine Inch Nails but more radio friendly, they set their stall out well. Ending on single ‘Through The Looking Glass’, Sleepwave are definitely one to watch.

The Nu-Metal revival is alive & well as long as bands like Issues are around. Playing one of the biggest stages they’ve ever graced, they sound impeccable. ‘So Mad at Myself’ wobbles and screams it’s way around the venue, whilst Hooligans closes and thus completes Issues transformations from a tip of the year to being genuine stars. They’ll go one way and that’s up.

Young Guns have been dormant on these shores for a while. A tiny show at Madame Jojo’s being their sole solo show so far this year, they’ve made a habit of playing Wembley Arena in December, as a support. Opening on ‘Bones’ clearly their biggest song, is a strange choice, but gets the crowd shouting at a fever pitch. ‘Towers’ gets the lungs running like usual, but the band seem fairly muted, with a seemingly careless attitude to the show. Old favourite ‘Stitches’ has the best of reactions, especially since Gustav Wood, finally seems to care about this show. Old favourite ‘Winter Kiss’ even gets a showing, garnering a decent reaction from the faithful. Closing on ‘I Want Out’ they get the crowd moving, but overall it’s a very disappointing set, devoid of passion and drive.

Tonight belongs to BMTH. Opening on ‘Shadow Moses’ after an extended video, the band sound very hungry & a massive desire to prove themselves. BMTH are an arena band now. No questions can be asked. What follows is a ridiculous set, full of tunes, riffs, screams, circle pits, and countless sing-alongs. Oli Sykes tonight, looks like the complete frontman. Grabbing every single one of the 12,500 souls in the venue in his hands, he bends the crowd to his will, even splitting the middle of Wembley Arena down the middle for a Wall Of Death. Musically, BMTH are on top form. Jordan Fish’s multi instrumental talent is shown, using keys and drums as just two shows of his talents. The majority of the set is based on Sempiternal, but old favourites like ‘It Never Ends’ and ‘Diamonds Aren’t Forever’ get a live airing and get a massive reaction. Though they both pale in comparison to the screams that greet Curtis Ward’s return to a BMTH stage, for a ripping ‘Pray For Plagues’. ‘Blessed With A Curse’ gets the lighters in the air, whilst ‘Antivist’ gets the rebels in the crowd going. ‘Sleepwalking’ closes the main set, and even before the encore, BMTH have proved they belong here. New single ‘Drown’ (which charted at number 17 having spent most of the week in the top 10 and hit number one on the main iTunes chart) sounds incredible live, and hints at a new direction for the band, one which would be welcomed by the reactions.

A spine-tingling ‘Can You Feel My Heart?’ brings the curtain down on what is easily one of the top 3 musical moments in 2014 for Rock music. The 5th December was the date that BMTH stepped out of the shadows and stepped up to be one of the UK’s biggest bands and one of the biggest hopes, this country has for Rock music to strive. BMTH were always looked at as ‘that weird scream band with the scene kids’ and now they’re on top of the pile. Nothing but praise can be thrown at them now. Bravo.