Bayside – Brighton Centre

By paul

Bayside + Moneen & Attack in Black
The Pressure Point, Brighton
Friday 13th April 2007

Brighton’s leading intimate club venue is bursting at the seams tonight with Bayside fans who have travelled far and wide to see the band play their first ever headlining UK date. Being the only south coast date on the tour, there were kids travelling from as far as Devon to make it here to see one of the most resilient bands in today’s scene get back in the game.

Before the headlining act, we’re treated to quite the display of support act awesomeness in the form of Attack in Black. Travelling all the way from Ontario, they’ve brought with them their beautiful combination of punk, country and rock ‘n roll which wins the crowd over before the end of their first song. Closing on a superb singalong, they’re sure to be Hassle Records’ moneymaker of 2007.

Following them are fellow Canadians Moneen. There’s only so many times that I can express exactly how phenomenal this band are live without sounding like I need a lobotomy, but there’s truth in every word of it. Moneen have been uninventing music and reconstructing it in their own twisted way for almost a decade now, but they’re still as confusing and brilliant as ever. Here’s to hoping next time they hit these shores, we’ll be seeing them headline.

New York’s Bayside unfortunately struggle to live up to their predecessors in tonight’s line-up. With a set that lends itself heavily to their latest release, ‘The Walking Wounded’, they’re a competent band but ultimately end up lacking in that extra special something. Combine this with a disappointingly short set and no encore whatsoever, you can’t help but be left with the feeling that these four New-Yorkers are yet to find their feet in a headlining slot.

Andy R