Army Of Freshmen – London Camden Underworld

By paul

Go Audio have been on the circuit for a few months now and its interesting to see the transition. Even in a relatively short space of time the band have improved their live performances ten-fold but one can not help but wonder how thinly the initial momentum of the band is currently spread. They are popping up everywhere tour wise but no-one seems to be paying too much attention? Initial thoughts of major labels and pop punk bands spawning busted-esque clones have certainly faded but it must be questioned what exactly both band and label have up their sleeves.

I actually forgot Sherwood were playing this show so it was grand to discover they were next. However the sound for their set was incredibly flat. Any fans will know the band are not exactly the most animated on stage but tonight was almost lacklustre. The lyrics were spot on but the rest of the set didn?t quite stand up. They closed their set with ?For The Longest Time? which provoked the most action from both the band and the crowd.

So then it was time for Army of Freshmen. It?s peculiar really that the band aren?t bigger than they are. Climbing on stage to the song ?Love Me Sexy? (Semi Pro) they immediately exude confidence. Vocalist Chris Jay is a master of his relative field and what he lacks in range he makes up for in vitality. Commanding the crowd, the entire band conquer the audience before they finish their opening song, ?1000 Years?. A double time version of ?Wrinkle In Time? sparks (albeit slightly set up) a circle pit around the Underworlds infamous pillars, and despite only playing seven tracks, the band satisfy that guilty pleasure pop punk hole that bands like Simple Plan seemingly feel unable to fulfil anymore! A fun performance from a fun band. They aren?t re-writing the book on pop punk, but then again no one expects them to.