Arcane Roots – Camden Barfly

By Tom Aylott

Sadly, Punktastic narrowly missed TRAILS tonight, so when we got to the Barfly on this particularly cold November evening, we were greeted first with all kinds of Scandinavian madness in the form of 22.

The Norwegians are nothing if not showmen, and while it’s a little difficult to understand quite what the effect they’re trying to go for with ultraviolet lights and facepaint, it’s good to see a band bring a bit of fun and theatrics now and again, and the crowd seems to have loads of fun. The off-the-wall synth driven madness shows a band finding their feet, and though it may take a while for the band to really be a force to be reckoned with here in the UK, they’ve every potential to turn into a well loved, if a little weird, alternative rock machine.

Finally, the ever-strengthening ARCANE ROOTS deliver what can only be described as another breathtaking performance. The band are going into hibernation over Christmas to record a new record, and the new songs all sound fantastic. It’s been a brilliant year for Arcane Roots, and every time we’ve seen them they’ve just got better and better. Tonight’s Barfly is full of people who are witnessing the blossoming of something special, and with any justice and more performances like tonight, Arcane Roots are in for a fantastic 2012. Set closer ‘Long & Low’ is a masterpiece, and an extend end with guest appearances from the band’s new Norwegian best friends concludes a brilliant evening for both bands.