A Skylit Drive – Camden Underworld

By paul

11th November 2009

After almost missing the show entirely due to my ignorance of a venue change, I arrived out of breath at the Underworld seconds before A Skylit Drive were to take to the stage for their first ever headline London show. Considering they?ve had little to no coverage in the UK?s media since their debut album came out last year, it?s an impressive feat that tonight’s a sellout.

With second album ?Adelphia? out this month, they?ve come here with something to prove and they made a damn good attempt at proving it. While the Underworld?s stage may be a bit too conservatively sized for the Lodi, California sextet, the band more than make up for cramped conditions in sheer presence. They sound thunderous in such a small venue, and ?Eva The Carrier? and ?Those Cannons Could Sink A Ship? are a testament to why exactly there are so many people in attendance here tonight.

Throughout the festivities, Jag Jagmin?s voice holds surprising well, which, considering the notes the guy has to hit, is not to be understated. His on-stage persona is as feminine as his vocal tones may suggest, but he does do a marvelous job of working a crowd. As a collective, A Skylit Drive have a phenomenal presence, and it?s something the audience are positively thriving off tonight. By the time it comes to the final chorus of ?All It Takes For Your Dreams To Come True?, crowd and band are as one, and A Skylit Drive can sleep safe in the knowledge they?ve made a fine first impression.