3oh!3 – Birmingham Academy

By paul

I was intrigued as to who could possible be supporting 3OH!3 and actually wasn’t that surprised to hear that the support was in fact mixing duo L’Amour La Morgue. A little bit slow to catch on I didn’t realise it was actually them until fairly late on as the pair wore rather fetching masks with flashing lights. Although the bass was imposing and heavy they proved to be a great energetic warm up act who were entertaining to watch, and on removal of the masks caused many of the female members of the crowd scream.

I’ve got to admit I have (accidentally) seen 3OH!3 before and pretty much knew what to expect from the sold out show. The set opened with Starstrukk (sans Katy Perry) and was followed by an hour or so of complete madness on stage. A full band were backing up the two vocalists Nat and Sean. It’s worth pointing out that Nat seems to be short of a penny or two and had taped up a hole in his rather grey looking white vest. Sean bought his moves to the stage and even provided the crowd with a short and borderline vulgar standup routine and a spot of practice catwalk runs. 3OH!3 provided everything you’d expect, performing My First Kiss, House Party and of course finished with Don’t Trust Me with as much energy as you’d expect. The sound was clear and although heavy on the bass was almost album quality and the pair were fun to watch.