You Me At 6

By paul

Andy had a word with Josh, Matt and Dan from You Me at Six at Reading Festival this weekend.

PT: Right, your first year at Reading! How’s it going so far?

Josh: It’s exciting. It’s big man, we came here like last year and a few years before, and we never expected to play the festival.

Dan: It’s really flattering. It’s great we’ve managed to catch up with our friends in the Audition who are playing the same stage, and the guys from All Time Low as well.

PT: Are you nervous about tonight? Do you have to approach things differently here to a normal club show?

Matt: It’s pretty scary to be honest. It’s such a massive festival y’know.

Dan: I don’t really tend to get nervous until literally a few seconds until we go on. We have an intro that plays, and as soon I hear that intro my heart begins to race!

PT: The last year has been incredible for you guys, and your popularity has exploded.

Dan: I wouldn’t say it exploded, I think in a way we’ve gradually grown. We haven’t gone and released an album and gone straight to the top. It has been an incredible year though; we’ve played with some of our favourite bands and played some great shows.

PT: You’ve got the album coming out finally this October although you’re still technically an unsigned band…

Matt: We’re signed to ourselves in a way. Our management sort of set up a label for us, because you obviously need some form of label to release it. We’re doing a sort of Shikari-style thing. Officially though we’re still unsigned.

Josh: We really wanted to maintain independence, especially on the first record. I don’t know what might happen in the future, but right now we just want to capitalise the hard work that we’ve put in, not have someone else come in and make us do things we’re not sure we want to do.

Dan: We’re still young, and it’s such a fickle industry, we want to keep as much control as we can. There’s a lot of industry sharks out there.

Josh: Fingers crossed, it seems to be working for us so far!

PT: You released ‘If You Run’ as a free download last week. Will you be making any other tracks available before the proper release?

Joe: We’ve got another single coming out called ‘Jealous minds think alike’; we recorded a video for it a little while ago.

Dan: What we didn’t want to do was have people think that the album was just going to be mimics of ‘Save it for the Bedroom’ and ‘Gossip’, so we did it as a bit of a preview what’s on the album.

Joe: It’s more a case of listen to the record, and you’ll now hear what our bands really about!

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