By paul

Paul: Hello, please introduce yourself and your role in the band.
Spencer: My name is Spencer and sing in Underoath

Paul: The new record has been out for a few months now, has it exceeded or met your expectations yet? Do you set band goals when releasing new music?
Spencer: Well I think it’s exceeded our goals but I’m not really sure, for me, live it seems kids are into the new songs and to me that’s all I need. As far as setting goals for a new record all we think about really is making a better record than before and always progressing and moving forward.

Paul: Is there meaning behind the title ‘Lost in the Sound of Separation’?
Spencer: Yeah there is, it’s kind of a long story but I’ll try to explain the best I can over typing but yah ha. To make a long story short, it’s the situation of being in a place in your life where you are not sure really who you are or what you should be, you have friends, family, media, tv and all sorts of things that seem to be telling you what you shouldn’t do, and being lost in the sound of separation is when all those things come to a head and just kind of sound like a ringing in your ear.

Paul: Why did you decide to do the special box set of ‘LITSOS’?
Spencer: Well we sat down and talked about what things we love that our favorite bands offer and things we wish they would and tried to offer a package for people who are into collecting things in its full form like we do, there’s nothing more satisfying to me than when a band offers a special release to go along with their album.

Paul: As a band have you been surprised with the resurgence of vinyl, especially considering physical music products are generally not being purchased anymore?
Spencer: Not really, I have always been into collecting vinyl, so it just kind of makes sense to a guy like me haha.

Paul: Have you been pleased with the reaction the record has received? A lot of people say it’s their favourite Underoath album…
Spencer: Yeah for sure, we always hope that weather it’s your taste or not, that people can see the band getting better and more advanced with each release, so when people say our newest album is their favorite, it’s always a good feeling.

Paul: There’s been a distinct change, although not really a departure, in sound every time you release a new album. When you write new material do you get together and say ‘right, let’s freshen things up’ or has the progression been a natural change as you’ve developed as musicians and songwriters?
Spencer: I think it’s more of a natural progression, as friends and a band, the longer you play together the more comfortable you get and know how to push each other farther. I think we learn from the mistakes we make and just like to write songs that are fun and we couldn’t really pull off before the process.

Paul: As a successful band in a scene now awash with four and fifth generation soundalikes, how does it make you feel to read comments on internet forums and websites that people call you ‘sellouts’ or similar simply for doing well?
Spencer: Well I don’t really pay attention to those websites, I’m not really the kind of guy that sits on the internet and looks around for stuff like that, so yah whatever.

Paul: You’re back in the UK soon – what can we expect from the Underoath live show? For those who’ve never seen you live before what’s the experience like?
Spencer: I’m not really sure, we are trying to bring some more production to the shows overseas so it could be similar to our US shows but I’m not really sure what is going to happen yet, as far as what people can expect…a good time ha.

Paul: Do you get tired of people asking for, or playing songs like ‘Reinventing Your Exit’? Are there any songs from the back catalogue you’ve now retired?
Spencer: I haven’t really heard anyone ask for that song in a long time, or at least not nearly as much as a few years ago. We have retired that song.

Paul: Does it concern you that writers/the press focus too much on either the band’s religious beliefs and/or experiences with illegal substances than the music?
Spencer: Not really, whatever they wanna spend their time worrying about or thinking about is their thing ya know, we are just normal people like everyone else, dealing with what life throws at you and trying to adapt.

Paul: Where do you see Underoath in five years time?
Spencer: Well hopefully in a similar spot we are in now, trying to write better records and progress and traveling the world playing are songs for people who enjoy them.

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