This Time Next Year

By paul

PT: Can you introduce yourself and tell us what you do in the band?
Brad: Brad Wiseman, I play guitar and do back up vocals.

PT: Congratulations on the release of Road Maps & Heart Attacks! Since this is your first full length, and it’s definitely been in the works for a while, how does it feel to have it out there?
Brad: Thanks. We’ve had the record sitting for almost a year, knowing its out and people are finally able to listen to it is the best feeling.

PT: I’ve seen a lot of positive reviews of the album. How are you feeling about the reception it’s getting?
Brad: I’ve seen a lot of positive feedback for the record, its awesome that people are listening to it and pointing out our influences in our sound.

PT: Who came up with the idea to put the album up as a pay-what-you-want download? How has it been working out?
Brad: Dan Sandshaw who is our A&R guy at Equal Vision brought up the idea. Both us and EVR just want to get the record into as many hands as possible and we all thought this was a great idea.

PT: Is it something you’d advise other bands to do? With the way the industry is going it seems like this sort of system would be a good idea but have you experienced any problems in doing it?
Brad: It is defiantly something I’d recommend. I haven’t experienced any problems with giving away our music. It can only do good. The internet is an awesome resource to get your music into peoples ears that normally wouldn’t hear it.

PT: The album is also up as a full stream on several sites. What made you want to make it available in that way?
Brad: Like I said before, our number one priority is for people to hear the record and give it a chance.

PT: Going back to the beginning – how did you get started as a band and what made you decide to go for that classic pop-punk sound?
Brad: Denis, Pete, and myself were in a hardcore band before TTNY. Denis had a song written that was more of a pop punk song and we started to work on it one day and had Pete try vocals and everything fell into place.

PT: I think the album especially is very reminiscent of a lot of stuff that came out in the early 2000s – what’s your favourite band/record from that era?
Brad: I can’t pinpoint one exact record but a band I can say that instantly jumps out is Blink 182. Everyone says it but, it’s true. That band is the best.

PT: Some of your influences are definitely obvious from your sound but are there any bands that people might be surprised to know that you’re influenced or inspired by?
Brad: As a band were all influenced by what we grew up on. Not sure if this is a shocker but we all love Hatebreed, Life of Agony, a ton of punk rock and hardcore.

PT: To tour as much as you do you really have to love what you do so can you tell us your favourite thing about being on the road?
Brad: I love being in a different place every day and touring gives me that. I’ve met some of my best friends and have had times I will never forget because of this band and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

PT: What about the worst? How do you keep morale up when it gets tough?
Brad: When were gone for a few months the one thing I miss the most is my bed. Everyone loves the comforts of home. You can be down on tour but at the end of the day you just have to realize you’re doing something that most people will never do and seeing places others will never see.

PT: Finally, what’s next for This Time Next Year? Any future plans or things you want to achieve over the coming year?
Brad: We have a tour in Jan/Feb with Four Year Strong, Strike Anywhere, The Bled, and Title Fight. We’re hopefully going to be on tour most of this year. I’d love to go to Japan and the Europe in 2010. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the interview. Go download our record @


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