The Get Up Kids

By paul

Paul: Firstly, the question on everybody’s lips…why quit, and why now?
Ryan: Matt Pryor, the lead singer didn’t want to commit to the band as much as the rest of us. Therefore we called it.

Paul: Are there any bad feelings about the split or is it a mutual thing?
Ryan: No, We are all cool. It seems like a good time to move on.

Paul: I know you’ve not actually gone yet, but our readers wanted me to ask this…is there any chance of a re-union at any point down the line, or is this really it?
Ryan: No. It feels right to just stop now.

Paul: Why did you decide to bow out with a live album?
Ryan: It seemed like the best move. We always wanted to put a live record out but never felt it was the right time. It was a good way to say goodbye to our fans.

Paul: At the end of the bands’ ten years, with hindsight and the odd change in sound here and there, which is the album you are/will be most proud/fond of?
Ryan: ‘Guilt Show’.

Paul: What’s your favorite story surrounding any of the songs the band have written songs?
Ryan: ‘No Love’. It was a story about an ex-girlfriend of mine. It makes me think back to being young and somewhat innocent when I think about it.

Paul: You did many cover songs – which was your favourite?
Ryan: “Close to Me” – The Cure.

Paul: If you could take just one song from the band, and all others had to be erased forever, which would it be?
Ryan: ‘On a Wire’.

Paul: If you could recommend any one TGUK album to a new listener, what would you say was a fair starting point?
Ryan: ‘Guilt Show’.

Paul: Did it ever cross your minds to write a ‘Something To Write Home About’ version 2?
Ryan: No .

Paul: Are you going to have continued involvement with projects like Blue Collar Distro, Black Lodge Recordings and Vagrant / Heroes and Villains Records, or start any others?
Ryan: Yes, very much so!!! I am managing The Black Lodge.

Paul: When is Matt Pryor‘s children’s record going to come out?
Ryan: I don’t Know.

Paul: Why no UK show to say goodbye to the faithful over here?
Ryan: Matt didn’t want to leave the country. I don’t think he ever will!!! Fact.

Paul: Submitted question: “What happened to the mystical James Dewees birthday piefight footage and will it turn up on the DVD? What other treats can we expect on the DVD?”
Ryan: You will see it.

Paul: James has obviously gone on to Reggie… and as a new member of New Found Glory, do any other TGUK members intend to form brand new bands?
Ryan: Rob and I are currently flying to Berlin to tour with Koufax. We just finished a record. Jim started a band called The Black Pool Lights.

Paul: Looking back, do you have any regrets? If yes, what would they be and what would you change or do again?
Ryan: No, It’s been a wonderful ride. Being able to meet and spend time with so many different people has been such a huge part of my life.

Paul: If you have any messages to your UK fans, please leave them here:
Ryan: We will miss you more than you will miss us. Thanks for treating us so well.

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