The Dead Pets


Jay: To those who are new to the legacy of the Dead Pets could you give us an in-
depth look at how this fair band was created?
The Dead Pets: The first gig was in 1993, after that we never made it out of the pub until about 2000 when we recorded our first album. Since then we’ve had line-up changes, and the current line-up has been playing about 1 & half years together. Sorry it’s a bit brief but we can’t go into too much depth we’ve got to go to the pub soon Stash is wasting away!

Jay: What do you see as the future for the band?
TDP: One of three things, one back in the pub, two in our luxury timeshare apartments in Benidorm drinkin’ sangria, three touring the villages of the world seeking the idiots out for revenge, to join The Dead Pets army!

Jay: Where did you get the inspiration for the band name ‘The Dead Pets‘?
TDP: Here are the bullet points…
Bell isle estate, Leeds.
Sausage dog.
Hardest lad off the estate.
Loved his dog.
Dog got crippled back legs.
Dog got wheels.
Hard lad went to Iceland to get Linda Mcartney sausages.
Us confused what a vegetarian was.
Mates playing football.
Standing on worms laughing at hard lad.
Hard lad kicked the shit out of us.
Asked hard lad to drum.
Thought it would be funny ie The Dead Pets!

Jay: I noticed on your website the poll about what to do to Good Charolotte when
they aren’t at home… Not a fan then? What do you make of all the pretty
boy ‘punkers’ on the scene today?
TDP: Fair do’s to ‘em we’re just taking the piss ‘cos we think they’re shite but that’s our opinion, unlike Busted, they’re probably one of the most mis-understood bands since The Dead Kennedys. Just like us they give an all out ballsy live show, infact they’re our main inspiration.

Jay: At what point in your life did you decide you wanted to be in a punk band?
TDP: As soon as we got into music we all wanted to be in band’s be it punk, metal or whatever. When we were younger everybody around us was into dance music. We got together ‘cos we weren’t into that shit. How it really started was we had some mates who played in a band and had there own instruments. They asked us if we wanted to play a gig so a week later we had a band and it all started from there.

Jay: Time to dish the dirt, what are the worst and best bands you have played
TDP: We’ve enjoyed playing with pretty much every band we’ve ever played with personal favourites include Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Dropkick Murphy’s, The Business, Flogging molly, Citizen Fish, Bad Manners, The Filaments, Capdown and so on. The bands that we’ve played with who’s attitude disappointed us are The Damned and The Selecter due to to them being a bit snobby about backstage and gear.

Jay: When your not busy rocking out, what do you listen to?
TDP: We’re all into different stuff, Sweeney used to DJ at a night called Gabba Gabba where he played Punk, ska, hardcore, metal, Dub etc. At the moment we listen to Jerry Lee Lewis, Kiss, Chas n Dave, TKO records compiliations, Flogging Molly, Avoid one Thing, all sorts really.

Jay: It has come to my attention you like a bit of a drink, any humourous stories
to tell us about alcohol induced mayhem?
TDP: Oh my god! Ive been labelled as an alcoholic does that mean the straight edgers won’t come see us now bugger?! If you want to see something funny come and see us play, seriously I’d tell you, but its all a blur.

Jay: What was the last gig you went to as a fan?
TDP: Supporting the local scene we went to see our mates Lowife UK top band check ‘em out some time they toured the US a couple of years ago with Murphy’s Law.

Jay: I noticed you are very active with regards to fans Sweeney, do you enjoy
talking to those who adore you?
TDP: Well I’m well badly dyslexic so I’m not great at getting my message across on the internet, but I love meeting like minded people out on the road it’s what being in a bands all about to me. As for being adored, stop taking the piss and buy me a Jack Daniels you numpty!

Jay: The episode of Faking It where you were ‘faking’ to be a orchestral
conductor just won an award over many programmes such as The Office and Jamies
Kitchen, how did that feel?
TDP: Well start of with Jamie Oliver’s a right twat so that’s neither here nor there but The Office is amazing. I honestly can’t believe the programmes success or that I actually took part in it. It kind of makes you feel that must be doing something right or at least entertaining and Faking it is a really good idea for a programme.

Jay: Looking back on your experience on the programme do you wish to of changed
anything in hindsight, and has it brought many extra fans to your shows?
TDP: It’s weird ‘cos most of the fakers get 5 weeks and they don’t tell you that and I only got 4 weeks and in that time I got about 5 days of lessons, there’s a lot of TV and filming stuff that goes on behind the scenes. I would have preferred to have more training to give me a better shot at it. ‘Cos I didn’t want to fake it, I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. It turned out pretty cool and I’m still friends with my mentors and the kids. The only other thing I would have changed is that the female judge knew it was me before she even entered the building. I reckon it’s definately helped get the bands name out there but we already had a fan base its just helped spread the word of The Dead Pets Army.

Jay: What can we expect from your new album?
TDP: A natural progression from the last album we have a few different members to the last album. We want to give it more of a live feel but mainly plenty of anthems for The Revenge of The Village Idiots. Look out, watch out, and Rock Out!!

Jay: What do you usually get upto in your own time?
TDP: Right now at this point it seems that all we do is answer questions, but that’s cool ‘cos its like being at school then we go for a dip in our guitar shaped pool, ‘cos we ‘aint no fools. Punktastic you rule! For tea we eat eat grool – sorry that was a bit desperate! I’m a poet and I’m not aware of the fact.

Jay: If you weren’t in the Dead Pets what do you think you would be doing now? Dealing TDP: Antiques and working at Morrisons part time on a Saturday.

Jay: Before we go a man by the name of Lobby asked this cryptic question… A
man has three apples, he gives 2 to his wife who then swaps them for a ferret,
he gives away 2 children and buys 5 keys from a locksmith. you are now in a
room with exits to the North and West, a goblin greets you (for that is where
he dwels with eyes of fire). How many grapes can the man’s uncle fit in his
ear? Looks like an in-joke!
TDP:It’s not a joke it’s not even funny, Lobby get off the drugs!, just say no! Nice one Lob you know we talk shite.

Jay: Anything you would like to say to your fans before we depart?
TDP: See all, hear all, say ‘nowt,
Ate all, sup all, pay ‘nowt.
An’ if iver tha’ dos owt fa’ nowt
Alus do it fo’ thi’ sen.

Thanks again guys.
No Thank you!


You can check out The Dead Pets this weekend at Holidays in the Sun. They will be playing on Sunday in the Dome at 4pm!

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