The Cereal Box Killers

By paul

OK, so what do you get if you cross Bad Religion, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, the Cure and an addiction to breakfast cereal? Well, you get The Cereal Box Killers of course. Describing themselves as like “like jumping out an airplane without a parachute,” they’ve just released their latest CD, ‘Teenage Heart Throb Band’ for download on And it’s actually pretty damn good.

Punktastic’s intrepid reporter Paul Savage gets up close and personal with Rene, Gabe, Nick and Justin from the band, and finds out why the lesbians of the United States need to be on the lookout during 2002…

PAUL: “For the people that have never heard of you, quickly give us a brief history of The Cereal Box Killers.”

GABE: “We really started as a band when I wandered in on Nick and Rene in a room…alone…with each other. After that brief awkward moment, we started writing and playing songs together and soon added a drummer to make us a quartet. After a hiatus and a couple extra guitar players, we finally settled on the “stable” quintet the world now knows as CBK aka CBK is TITS! From there we’ve gone on to amass fame and fortune in our own little psychotic world.”

PAUL: “You guys have a really rad name, who came up with it and why?”

GABE: “I think I blurted it out one day on accident. I’ve regreted it ever since. It basically refers to Rene eating cereal every day, breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, supper, dessert, midnight snack……”

PAUL: “I’ve noticed elements of Rancid and Bad Religion in your sound, which bands have influenced the way you play?”

RENE: “Bad Religiolf

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