The Attika State

By Andy

The Attika State have a brand new album, ‘Measures’ out now. We sent some questions over to Rudi from the band to get the lowdown…

Hello Rudi! How are things in The Attika State camp right now?

Everything in camp Attika is fantastic! We are all happily enjoying a cup of tea between shows and we are extremely excited about the release of the new album.

You guys are currently on the road promoting ‘Measures’. How have the shows been going so far?

The tour is going brilliantly. We have only really just begun with this run of dates but thus far we are having a great time. The crowds at all the shows have been amazing and have shown us a lot of love. We cannot tell you how happy we are to be playing the new songs live.

For those not already acquainted, give us The Attika State story so far.

The Attika State formed in 2002 and has changed guises on a number of occasions. The current line up has been together since 2005, in that year we released an EP titled ‘Leave your Dignity at the door’. In November 2009 we got together and recorded our new album ‘Measures’. We are currently on tour.

You’ve been bubbling under the radar for the better part of a decade and from the outside it feels like ‘Measures’ could be the break you guys have been waiting for. Does it feel that way within the band as well?

Collectively it does not really feel like we have been waiting for a break but we have always wondered how we would progress. As with any group there are positive experiences and negative periods that need to be addressed. We fortunately were able to reflect and put together a set of songs that we are very proud of. It would be an added bonus if other people felt positive about them too.

In your own words, how would you describe ‘Measures’ to a newcomer?

‘Measures’ is ultimately a melodic pop rock record. The songs are an honest reflection of a period in our lives. If you like guitar,piano and melody driven songs then we’d encourage you to have a listen.

Do you think it will surprise older fans of the band?

There Is a good chance that it may surprise a few. As a band we have always wanted to progress from our previous releases. ‘Measures’ was a real labour of love for us collectively and it most certainly reflects a different sound for the band.

The album cover depicts a pretty interesting nautical scene. Is there a story behind it?

The artwork is based on a picture we have hanging in our rehearsal space. We asked one of our friends to create their own version of the piece and they did an amazing job. The picture acts as a real reminder of the song writing process so we thought it should be represented on the cover of the album.

Which one track from the record would you play to impress/please:

A long-time Attika State fan

The song Five Strings, No Wins is a song that I would like people to listen to if they have maybe taken the time to listen to us previously. It’s a loud melodic number that opens the record and it reflects our progress.

Someone who’s never heard of you before?

I would love people to listen to a song called Spirit of Yesteryear. It is a straight up acoustic song decorated with strings and piano. It’s one of the lighter moments on the record and I remember it being a real joy to record. It reflects a very different side to the band.

So after this run of shows, what are The Attika State’s plans for the rest of the year?

The plans for the remainder of the year include playing as many shows as possible to promote the ‘Measures’ release. We love meeting new, friendly faces on the road!

It’s not long ‘til Christmas now. What would be the perfect Christmas present for each member of The Attika State?

Warren – A pedegg & 1974 walnut brown Gibson ES335.

Chrish – A full Nando’s loyalty card

Tommy – A pet shark

Rudi – Meat

Martin – A 1963 Pre CBS Corporate buyout Fender stratocaster in Olympic White with three single coil pick ups and a whammy bar.

Finally, who is more handsome: Kev from Big Scary Monsters or Jack from Alcopop?

This is far too close to call….both are the epitome of beautiful men and both have their plus points. Jack has those flowing blond locks and Kev has that chiselled jaw….both are solid 9’s!

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