The Afterparty

By Andy

THE AFTERPARTY hail from Southampton and we enjoy their pop hooks so much that we’ve gone and given their video for ‘This Town‘ its online exclusive. We caught up with vocalist Nic Matthews to find out a bit more about them…

Hey Nic. Where in the world are you and what’s on the cards for today?

Hi there! I’m with Dave (bass), we just grabbed some food and we’re about to head into practice with the guys to work on some new material.

With your new video streaming exclusively on PT, we thought it best to find out a little more about you. So what’s The Afterparty’s story so far?

We started just over a year ago, and initially we were just playing shows for fun in the first few months, but after awhile we started taking it more seriously. We toured the UK for the first time last July with Mimi Soya and Through Colour, and since then have recorded the makings of our new record with Matt O’Grady (You Me At Six, Deaf Havana), which includes our first single/video ‘This Town‘.

Have you heard The Afterparty from America? They’re terrible.

Haha I have indeed! They’re poptastic!

You guys are based in Southampton, which seems to have a thriving pop-punk/pop-rock scene at the moment. What’s it like growing up as a band in Soton from your perspective? With so many small to mid sized pop punk bands does it make it harder/easier to play shows? Do you all get along or is there the odd band rivalry?

We’re based in Southampton but Dave and I both originally come from Cornwall. From what I’ve seen, a lot of the bands get along really well and support each other. Since moving here a couple of years ago it’s made me realise just how lucky we are to live in a town that has such a successful scene. It gives you an idea of just what is possible, especially as you can watch a local band take off and start touring more extensively.

So the new single – ‘This Town’. You’re basically singing about how much you love to party, aren’t you?

Haha yeah, up to a point. It does also have influences from the importance of friendship and living for the moment.

What makes a good after party for The Afterparty?

Good people, good drink, good music… good times!

How was the video shoot? What were the Sitcom Soldiers guys like to work with?

It felt incredible; everything from the moment we arrived to the moment we left was unbelievable! Those guys worked us so hard but overall the day was definitely worth it. We were grateful to have such an experienced crew on hand, as we’ve never shot a video before so weren’t sure what to expect. We were up at 5am that morning and some of the guys including myself didn’t get home until 7am the following day; by the end I don’t know what we were running on!

So what can we expect from The Afterparty in the coming months? Is there a EP/album on the horizon?

It’s not too set in stone just yet; suffice to say that we’re releasing an EP in the not too distant future but can’t give an exact date right now. However, we will be releasing a second single/video before the end of the Summer.

Finally, where should people head if they want to keep up to date with what you guys have going on?

Our Facebook page is Also don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @_TheAfterparty_ too!

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