Red Bull Studios Download 2014: They Say Fall (Pt. 2)

By Lais

Last week we had a quick chat with They Say Fall, the band who were topping the ranks of Red Bull’s competition to play Download. This week, they’ve topped the ranks for the second week in a row, so we’ve gone back for another chat with Kyle and Brad.

You’ve managed to top the rankings two weeks in a row. How do you think you’ve achieved this?

It’s been completely crazy! Our entire town has been backing us throughout the competition in the most amazing way, as well as friends the world over. We took our campaign to the local newspapers, radio stations and even bagged an interview on BBC radio. We can’t thank everyone enough!

What do you think you have that makes you different to the other bands?

We have no particular mindset when it comes to writing new material. If something is sounding cool, we roll with it regardless of the style or theme. When you have five guys with individual influences adding into the boiling pot, you get some pretty cool sounding results at the end.

It must feel like you’re one step closer to achieving the ultimate goal. Do you feel like you can go all the way and win this?

There are some absolutely incredible bands involved, that all deserve to go far and achieve big things. We’re a very small fish in a huge ocean right now, but I honestly think we have what it takes to win this thing. We’re so passionate about what we do, and combining that with the support and backing of all of our friends creates a force that is absolutely unstoppable.

If you make the judges’ final 15, why do you think people should keep voting for you?

We still have so much to show for ourselves. This first round was a huge success for us, and it’s only made us hungrier to excel over anything we’ve ever done before. If we make it to London, we’re only going to push harder to gain people’s attention. It’s going to be special.

What can people expect from you if you make it all the way to Download? And if you get this, what will be your next step?

Walking out onto the stage at Donington Park would be such a huge milestone for the band, and five dreams instantly coming true. We’d be sure to smash every second of the set, and leave knowing that we’d done all we could to turn a few new heads in our direction. We’d expel more energy in that half an hour than ever thought possible. The next step for us would be relentlessly touring. Getting out to everyone and anyone who will have us, meeting as many new people as we can. The live set is what we spend all of our time rehearsing for, and there really is nothing that we love doing more.



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