P: Hi! Could you introduce yourselves for those who are new to the band?

Miles: Hi I am Miles, I play the drums. Ladd Plays Guitar and sings, Justin plays
guitar and Timmy plays bass.

P: To me, your lyrics and songs have a deep emotional feel to them — if you
were forced to classify your sound, what would you describe it as?

Miles: I guess You could say “emo” Indy rock.

P: Where do you guys come from? What’s the local music scene like there?

Miles: We are from Springfield, IL USA. There is a good mix of all styles of
music. I help out with a local venue so I book all the shows and there are so
many bands out there touring its crazy.

P: When you’re not touring, what takes up the majority of your time at

Miles: Well, I have my own screen printing business And I work at a skate shop.
And of course hang out with my girlfriend. All the other guys have part time
jobs at restaurants.

P: What can we expect from your next record in terms of release time And

Miles: Well, we are focused on touring a lot this year And working on the next
record whenever we are not touring. We probably wont get another CD out
till early 2003. We want to really support this record first.

P: Will there be any chance of Park coming over to the UK in the next year or

Miles: Well, it depends if we get the chance maybe. But I know Ladd is scared of
flying so who knows.

P: What’s the most incredible CD any of you have ever bought? (we’re talking
rarely-leaves-stereo-material here)!

Miles: Refused (the shape of punk to come) that album really blows me away. Also
From autumn to ashes those guys are really good.

P: And what are you all listening to at the moment?

Miles: Well, The New Lawrence arms but I am not sure if I really like it.

P: Over the last three decades, who would you say is the most influential
musician to grace our ears?

Miles: Lots of stuff but I have listened to Voodoo Glow skulls forever. But there
are so many other bands that I love. Mock Orange, Yellowcard, Moneen,
Choke, Cursive they got some really good stuff. So many other bands out there
that don’t get recognized.

P: What kind of setup do you use at shows? If you could recommend a
particular brand of instrument, what would it be?

Miles: Well, I play the drums And I have a RJS custom percussion set. Its one guy
that hand makes drums. They sound awesome And the guys is really nice he
has really hooked me up. I use sabian cymbals And
pearl hardware.All the guitar players use SIT strings. Ladd plays Hiwatt with a SG
guitar, And Justin Plays a Gibson SG And uses Marshall. Timmy plays Ernie Ball
Stingray with all SWR set up.

P: Who’s getting on your nerves in the charts at the moment?

Miles: well, i don’t really know who is on the charts so I have no idea. I am
sure the boy bands are on the charts And i just cant stand them.

P: Finally, is there anyone or anything you’d like to give a shout out to?

Miles: I would like to shout out to all the bands that have helped us. Mainly
Moneen and Rob From small man records, Yellowcard, Mock Orange, Over It, Gods
Reflex, north by northwest. And Of course Steve at Lobster.


Park‘s album, ‘No Signal’, received an ace 4.5 stars, go and check the review out – you can also chat to other Park fans and learn more at ..

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