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Andy had a brief word with Josh Farro and Jeremy Davis from Paramore earlier this week.

PT: Welcome back to the UK guys, what have you been doing since you got here?

JF: We’ve just been hanging out, catching up on some sleep. Yesterday we went up on the London Eye, which was a lot of fun. It was at night, but it was so clear we could see for miles.

PT: These headline shows are the biggest to date you’ve played here in the UK. How have you reacted to your popularity over here?

JF: We think about that all the time! Thinking that kids in England like our band is so weird, it’s just so far away. Yesterday some random kids from Ireland noticed us, and that was really strange. We never thought our band would be known in the UK.

JD: We never even thought in the United States people would notice us, or even in the state of Tennessee!

PT: You’ve got New Found Glory supporting on this tour. Is that something you could have predicted tow years ago?

JF: We met them on Warped Tour and really wanted to tour with them. It finally worked out. It’s co-headlining in Europe because we haven’t been to Europe as much as we’ve been here. It’s definitely weird; I think their fans are a little weirded out that they’re supporting us! Neither of us really care that much!

PT: You guys are riding the crest of the wave right now – especially with the fact you’re now a Grammy nominated band. What went through your minds when you decided to re-schedule some of your UK dates to make it to the Grammy’s? Were you worried about how the fans over here would react?

JF: It was tough. The shows we cancelled were in Sweden and Norway and we haven’t been there so we really wanted to go. You know, how often does a band our size get nominated for a Grammy. We had to just take the opportunity and make our presence there. Hopefully we didn’t lose any fans, I don’t know. It was definitely a difficult decision.

PT: How active are you with writing at the moment? Have you time to start planning the next record while you’re on the road?

JF: We write for fun. We’re not thinking we’ve got to write a third record right now. It’s definitely in the back of our heads at all times, but we’re not really sure where we want it to go.

JD: I think the best music comes out when you don’t plan it, when you’re not trying to force it.

PT: You’re releasing your shows over here as limited edition live cds. How did that all come about?

JD: The label brought the idea to us and we were just like ‘Ok, I guess!’. It just means we have to play really well!

JF: Yeah definitely, especially when we’re coming back form having a little time off! It’ll be an interesting set!

Andy R

Paramore start their UK tour tonight in Manchester.

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