Nightmare of You

By paul

PAUL: For those yet to hear Nightmare of You, can you please give us a quick round down of who is who in the band and how you started up?
NOY: The band is myself, Joe McCaffrey, Ryan Heil, and Sammy Siegler. Joe and I started the band together. Sammy and I were close friends already. I met ryan through a mutual friend.

PAUL: How did you hook up with East West?
NOY: Fred Feldman is an old friend of mine. He signed my friends in Brand New. His passion led us to deciding to go with them.

PAUL: For a band with former Movielife/CIV/Rival Schools members, Nightmare of You actually sound nothing like any of them – was this something you set
out to avoid or did the new sound just come naturally?
NOY: It was completely natural. I wasn’t the songwriter in the Movielife, therefore it was apparent that this band wouldn’t sound like my older band. Sammy played drums in civ and Rival Schools so that doesn’t have too much effect on a band sonically.

PAUL: A lot of reviews seem to have picked up on the Smiths/Morrisey vibe of the new record, do you think this is a fair comment? What other bands influence NOY?
NOY: Its definitely fair. I am a huge fan of the Smiths. They are only one influence of many though. Such as Bob Dylan, Squeeze, The Beatles, and Pulp.

PAUL: Is there a reason why you opted for a self-titled album rather than naming it?
NOY: Self titled records are classic. Especially on debuts. Our band name is long enough and we didn’t feel it necessary to confuse people with an album name.

PAUL: Are you pleased with the initial reviews and press the album has got? Here in the UK you’re already been banded about as the next big thing…
NOY: I am extremely delighted with the reviews this record has gotten. I have not read one bad review, and if I did, the reviewer must obviously be deaf or hipsterly challenged.

PAUL: Did any of the reactions from the press and public lead you to change any of the songs from their original demo form, or was it more a case of growing as songwriters that forced any changes to the versions that appear on the album?
NOY: Well, we had zero press before we recorded our album. We were painfully ignored by the industry until they were told it was okay to like us. So the songs did not go through drastic changes, nor would they have in any other case anyway.

PAUL: Why did you change the name of the song ‘Yuengling’?
NOY: I didn’t want to get sued by the beer company. It’s an actual beer company in Pennsylvania. I enjoy their beer thoroughly and would have been horrified to have been sued by them.

PAUL: You tour the UK later this year, do you have any preconceptions of how UK crowds will take to you? Do you think the audiences will be made up of fans of your former bands?
NOY: Fans are fans. It doesn’t matter if they liked or hated my old band. If they like my current band, then I accept them. I feel as if our first U.K. Tour will be wildly successful.

PAUL: What’s your take on the internet and the MP3? Do you feel downloading does more harm than good or are you in favour of new technology to help spread the word?
NOY: Downloading helps indie bands like us. I welcome it enthusiastically. The only harm computers do are make people socially inept and awkward.

PAUL: What is the plan for 2006?
NOY: To still be breathing.

PAUL: Any final thoughts?
NOY: I’m in a cab right now. It smells rather pugnant.

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