By paul

Paul: Hi, for those who are yet to come across LHH, please could you give us a brief history of the band.
Pierrick: Yeah we’re a 5 piece band from so cal, we’ve been together since early 2004, we play a combination of pop, punk and rock or whatever the hell it’s called these days.

Paul: On a similar note, how would you describe your band? I’m guessing you hate the ’emo’ tag as much as the next band, so if you could sum up your sound in one sentence what would it be?
Pierrick: I guess I just answered that one. I think were really good at why we do. You love it, we love you. You hate it, fuck off

Paul: Are there any bands that you would say are huge influences on you? Any specific records that collectively get you pumped up on the tour bus?
Pierrick: When we’re all together we listen to dance pop like lady gaga and stuff. Bands that are huge influences are saves the day, glassjaw, the get up kids, thrice and story of the year. Those bands are directly responsible for me playing music today.

Paul: Is there significance behind the album title ‘America Underwater’?
Pierrick: It’s the title track an is current with what’s going on here in north America, we have this huge recession and floods, fires etc. The song is about coming together as a nation and helping each other back on our feet.

Paul: ‘White Lies’ seemed a bit heavier and, I guess, a little more metal than the new album. When you started work on the new record did you consciously work on evolving your sound or did the end result come a bit more naturally?
Pierrick: I think it was a natural progression, it’s been 3 years since we wrote white lies and our influences have changed quite a bit. I think it’s important for bands to evolve and keep it fresh, We also didn’t want to write white lies part 2 either.

Paul: Who did you record the new album with? Was it a quick record to make or did you take a lot of time over it?
Pierrick: We recorded with dream lab productions , they are this cute Aussie couple who have a great ear for production and songs.

Paul: You were obviously at a desperate point when, as a band, you wrote ‘I’ll Make It To Brigades’. Do you still get fed up and frustrated on tour? Did that song act more as a cathartic process of getting it off your chest than a cry for help?
Pierrick: Absolutely, touring is really hard, you are stuck in a van with the same 5 guys always and after a while a left out dirty sock starts to annoy you. If we didn’t love touring so much we would have dissolved years ago.

Paul: A lot of the earlier material references drugs and drug abuse. ‘Running With Scissors’ on the last record was obviously a very personal song. What kind of topics do you cover on the new album? As a band are you still laying your heart on your sleeve and writing really personal stuff?
Pierrick: Yes, there’s a song on the new record that is think twice-running with scissors part 2, my older brother has been dealing with addiction for close to 4 years, in and out of jail and rehab and that really takes it’s toll on me and my family. Writing these songs is my therapy and I guess they help a lot of other people going through the same thing.

Paul: Any plans to tour the UK?
Pierrick: SOON! Hook us up

Paul: What are your plans for the rest of 2009 and in to 2010?
Pierrick: Tour the world, were going to Mexico, south America and touring the USA and Canada.

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