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Do not believe everything you read on the Internet. Since summer of last year, there have been rumours flying around that Lagwagon are busy recording their follow-up to 2005’s ‘Resolve’, but Jesse Buglione is quick to quash such rumours.

“We haven’t been doing that at all. Not a single bit. If people are asking about it, then the Internet is full of lies! We’ve had some time out over the last few years, and to be honest we haven’t been doing a whole lot at all!”

It’s strange to hear a band member lay claim to such a period of non-productivity, yet you can’t help but feel Lagwagon are the sort of band that deserve it. After fifteen years of touring and some nine albums released in that timeframe, some time out, some time away from the music scene seems understandable.

“We’ve always been happy with where we are as band. We’ve always been able to do the things the way we wanted, and so when we get some time out there’s no pressure for us to hurry up and get out another record. We’ve never been tempted by major labels along the way, because we’ve always just been so happy with Fat [Wreck Chords] letting us do things at our own pace.”

Lagwagon are one of those bands that have been loyal to their roots, and in this case, their record label. As one of Fat Wreck Chord’s longest-running bands, they’ve outstayed many bands on both Indies and majors, so sticking to their roots is possibly the wisest idea they’ve ever had.

“You know we’ve seen so many bands be treated like dirt on their label, and it just makes us realise how lucky we have been with our situation. As well, when you’ve been on a label for fifteen years, you’ve got a lot of close friends working around you, and you don’t want to give that up”.

These days, Lagwagon are probably best known for their contribution to the Ton Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 soundtrack, their timeless track ‘May 16th’.

“Oh yeah that’s been a curse. At the same time though, we’ve definitely had more exposure from that song than anything else we’ve ever done, so I guess if one person heard that song and bought an album, then it can be seen as a good thing.”

Looking back over his career, Jesse is adamant to pick a highlight.

“You know it’s so hard to choose one or two favourite parts of our career. It’s just been great to be able to continue doing what we do, and avoid breaking up – even though we’ve come close a few times!”

So there you have it. While he may not be much of a talker, Jesse Buglione is very content with how his band have progressed over the last decade-and-a-half. And while there’s no definite future plans for Lagwagon, you get the feeling that they’ve lived their entire career in the present rather than planning ahead, so who knows what the next few years may bring.

Andy R

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