Introducing: Midday Committee [September 2015]

By Lais

We spoke to Portsmouth pop punk trio Midday Committee to find out about how they became a band, what they’ve got coming up, and why you should listen to them.

Hey guys, how’s it going with you?

All is well dude. We’re in amongst writing at the moment so good vibes here.

Firstly, how, where and when did the band begin? Tell us about your background.

Straight into the deep end aye. If I were to really go into this we’d break the Internet. We started in 2010. I suppose the driving force was Rich. He stumbled across our drummer Kurtis through his cousin Will and he knew I played so guessed I’d be game. We had beers, talked about it and the band was formed. Will left after two-ish years, then we had a few people come and go. So it hasn’t all been plain sailing. Many years later, after a few EPs, a lot of shows and some horrendous nights sleeping rough we’re here, and bloody happy about it!

How would you describe your sound to someone who’s never seen you before?

Feel good melodic pop punk. Like it used to be except for some heavier elements.

You recently released your new single ‘She Gets Me’. It’s super catchy, definitely a song for the summer. Would you say it’s a good taster of what’s to come from you?

We’re pretty proud how it all come together. It’s a taste of what’s to come.We have some different things going on but it’s still us.

Who and what are your influences as a band?

I think we take influences from so many different places now. That’s the beauty of playing with so many bands over the years, big or small. You see what catches you, what keeps your attention. Then everything else in between, I suppose there’s influence everywhere, in every song, video, or human being.

Have you got any plans to release an album? Or is it too soon to say?

Our first album. It will happen. It’s exciting. It’s a complicated and consuming process but it’s definitely on the cards. We’re looking at all avenues now so when we have things sorted we can start recording. We might even fire a few singles out beforehand. Who knows!

You’ve played some festivals and shows alongside some great bands. What has been your favourite moment as a band so far?

We played Jera On Air this year and we met some real cool dudes that make even me weak at the knees. We saw a bunch of awesome bands, it felt good to be there doing something we all love doing. Plus we played to a great crowd!

What have you got coming up for the rest of the year?

Writing, practising and writing some more. Then we’re going on tour with Bad Ideas and The Gospel Youth in November. Busy, but not all bad as we get to play some shows with two sick bands. Go check them out.

Where would you like to see yourselves in five years? What are your main aims?

Five years! Blimey. I suppose the only thing that matters is if we’re all still here…and stuff. You see, we take things one day at a time at best. If in five years we’re still doing this and we’re all still laughing then who cares. It’ll be a’right!


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