Introducing: Made Violent

By Lais

Made Violent recently played their first show in London at the Old Blue Last – they come from Buffalo, New York – and they’re setting their sights high. The three-piece, formed of Justin Acee, Joe White and Rob Romano, won’t be content until they’ve made themselves a household name.

The three musicians decided to form a band after becoming disillusioned with the music scene in Buffalo: “We all met through playing in various bands in our hometown. We were sick of being used and abused by all of it and being led nowhere, so we decided to take charge and actually make something happen for the three of us. Hands down the best decision we’ve ever made.”

After making the decision to really make something happen for themselves, the situation escalated quickly, in the best way possible. “Six months ago we wrote ‘Wasted Days’ and released it with no expectations. It’s been a wild six months. The response is something none of us could have imagined. It’s all great fuel and it’s driving us to press on harder than ever.”

When questioned on how they’ve managed to gain so much hype in so little time, they give the rather modest answer: “The fact that we know how to play our instruments and study music properly by being active listeners.”

Despite their modesty, they’ve already played London, a big city in a different continent, and they’re only six months in: “We said we wanted to do it six months ago and here we are.” It’s no small achievement, and clearly the future is bright for them.

In terms of the rest of 2014, their aim is to continue writing for their release: “We’ve been at it for a while now and we’re getting a hell of a lot better.” And in terms of their aims in the long run, they’ve got much bigger goals: “We want to be a household name and to give everything back to those who have slapped us on the back and pointed us in the right direction.”

And the words they keep coming back to? “WORLD FAMOUS AMERICAN ROCK BAND”. Keep an eye on them, because it might just come true.


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