Introducing: HEYROCCO

By Lais

South Carolina three-piece Heyrocco – formed of Black Future, Christopher Cool and Taco Cooper (definitely their real names) – have been around for a little while already, but now is the time for everyone to sit up and listen.

In their own modest words: “We formed in Chris Cool’s garage circa summer 2009 and from there we wrote and sucked, and wrote and sucked, and eventually started to suck a little less.”

The truth is, they don’t suck at all. In fact, they sound pretty damn good. Without playing their song (which you can do through that Soundcloud player below), it’s pretty hard to describe their sound, but they met someone recently who gave it a good try. “Tonight some lady said, ‘Y’all were like Weezer meets The Clash’ and I smiled and really dug that.”

So far, the ‘Weezer meets The Clash’ three piece have released some demos, and more recently, a new song, ‘Virgin’. “People dig the shitty demos. It’s nice to have some kind of music out though. So far, so good!”

The good news is you don’t have to wait much longer to hear some new material from them, because they have only an EP, but a full-length album on the way: “We just finished a full length LP in Nashville. It’s coming out early next year, but we have an EP coming out in the fall too.”

And can we expect to see them touring in the UK anytime soon? The answer is: we don’t have to wait long at all. “We’re touring the UK in October and words cannot describe the excitement. We feel at home on tour. It’s hours of free therapy with one another and then when we arrive we play music. Our own music!”

They’re a band who clearly appreciate every little thing about being able to play their own music around the world. What is their ultimate goal? “Our ultimate goal is to always create music we/they enjoy. Five years, ten years, I don’t care. Right now we are meeting all kinds of people and goals. It’s surreal. We recently opened for Grouplove to maybe the biggest crowd we’ve ever played for and it doesn’t feel like anything but the beginning. So many new fans and friends. We just plan to do what we do, and if more and more people dig it that’s awesome.”


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