Introducing: From Ashes To New

By Lais

Meet From Ashes To New, who hail from Pennsylvania and mix up the best parts of metal and rap, resulting in a bit of a nu metal comeback. We had a quick chat with the band to find out about their upcoming debut album ‘Day One’ and what they’ve got coming up in 2016.

Hey guys, how’s it going? Firstly, tell us all about the background of the band: how, when and where did you form? How did you all meet?

From Ashes To New formed a little over two years ago in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Most of us grew up together playing in different local metal bands. Those eventually disbanded and Matt started writing our first EP. He got me on board and everyone else just fell into place.

How would you describe your sound?

A mix or cross breed of rock, metal and rap… A rock cocktail!

Who are your main influences?

My main influences over the years would have to be Glassjaw, Alexisonfire, Sevendust, 36 Crazyfists and Alice In Chains.

You’re releasing your debut album, ‘Day One’, in February. What can we expect from it?

We have an EP out called ‘Downfall’, which has four songs handpicked off our upcoming release ‘Day One’. So it kinda gives you an idea of what it’s going to sound like a little bit. There are a few surprises on it that you will just have to wait for. We didn’t want to venture too far away from our sound on our first self titled EP but I think we all grew as songwriters and musicians and I think that shows on this record.

What are the main themes on the album?

We touch on everything from depression to relationships to overcoming the odds. We try to communicate the struggles that we all go through but also give an overall positive message.

You’ve already done some awesome things, like touring with Papa Roach and Five Finger Death Punch. How was that?

That was an amazing experience, they all treated us like family. We actually got to see a few band and crew members from that tour while we were on this one so that’s really cool that everyone became that close and still keep in touch.

What do you think has been the highlight of your time as a band so far?

Well in Michigan we played for 11,000 people so that was a very fulfilling moment for me. And anytime we all get to camp out inbetween shows is always a good time. The last time we did we camped in Washington and then went and saw Mount Rushmore in the morning.

How was 2015 for you?

2015 was a rollercoaster ride of  emotions, some of the best times of my life and some of the hardest, most trying times of my life as well. But you can only hope that all the struggle and sacrifice is going to be worth it and that from it will come great things.

What can we expect from you in 2016? Any touring plans? Will we see you in the UK?

We just announced a bunch of festivals: Extreme Thing in Vegas, Northern Invasion in Wisconsin, Carolina Rebellion and Welcome To Rockville. Our full length album ‘Day One’ is released on February 26th and we have a lot of things in the works but not a lot that we can talk about just yet, so keep an eye on our social media pages:

What’s your main goal as a band? Where do you see yourselves in five years?

Well it would be great to be headlining theatres or arenas and have those amazing crowds there for us, but really I just hope we are in a bus and have a driver. Haha!


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