Interview: Tiny Moving Parts prepare for Britain

By Ben Tipple

Tiny Moving Parts – the band that sent themselves into space – are currently preparing to head to the UK for the very first time. Joining Into It. Over It. and Modern Baseball, the UK leg of the tour begins in Southampton following shows in Holland, Germany and Belgium. To celebrate the Minnesotan’s virgin voyage to Britain’s shores, we spoke to the clearly excited trio about their cross-Atlantic preconceptions.

How is life right now as Tiny Moving Parts?

Life is great! We just got home from a full US tour supporting You Blew It!. We have a hometown show in Fargo, North Dakota this weekend, and then we head to Europe for the first time!!

How are you gearing up to your EU tour alongside Into It. Over It. and Modern Baseball?

We have our passports! All of our rentals are in line! Other than that, we are just waiting anxiously!! Oh, and we’re drinking every night to build up our tolerances for it!!

The UK especially comes with some particular (often odd) stereotypes. What are you expecting from British food?

We heard its not as greasy as America’s! Which worries us, because we eat so much unhealthy fast food here!

What about British weather?

Can’t be any worse than Minnesota!

British roads?

We have a driver! And we heard its legal for passengers to drink in moving vehicles there, correct?? If so, we will take full advantage!

British fans?

Our band peers have told us you British fans get pretty wild! So lets get wild!!!

How about the British Royal Family?

I hope they are down to party!

What do you expect from our capital city, London?

We are told this will be the craziest show!! So our hopes are very high!


If you don’t make fun of our goofy Minnesotan accents, we won’t make fun of yours!

British shows?

Let’s have so fun and have some beers!!

How about British alcohol?

Oh, speak of the devil! We drink anything that will get us drunk!

…and our nightlife?

We heard you all like to stay up late!! And we have lots of short drives! And a driver! So we are very excited to take in the British nightlife!!!

Once you’ve survived all the above, what’s next for Tiny Moving Parts?

We want to go back to Europe again!! We have not plans made, so we will just keep writing until more shows come up!! Thanks!!!

Tiny Moving Parts will join Modern Baseball and Into It. Over It. on tour next week.

25 MANCHESTER Sound Control
26 LEEDS Brudenell Social Club
27 GLASGOW Stereo
28 LONDON Tufnell Park Dome
29 BRISTOL The Fleece

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