Interview: Employed To Serve [June 2015]

By Lais

We had a super quick chat with Employed To Serve about their new album ‘Greyer Than You Remember’ and what we can expect from them in the future.

Hey! How’s it going?

Really good thanks, went to see Despise You last night in London so I’m still buzzing at how great they were!

You’ve recently released your new album, ‘Greyer Than You Remember’. How has the response to it been so far?

People seem to be reacting really positively to it, which we’re super happy about!

How would you describe the album to someone who hadn’t heard it yet?

It’s a blend of early Norma Jean and Every Time I Die mixed with some cinematic bits.

If you could choose one track as a starting point for someone getting into your band, which would you go for?

I would have to say ‘Threads’ as it is a good summary of what we sound like.

You’re going out on tour in Europe with Rolo Tomassi next month. How are you feeling about it?

Really excited! We played with them on 3rd June and had a great time, they’re lovely people and a really great live band.

Will you be playing many new songs at the shows?

We will be pretty much playing our album in full bar two songs, which we will swap out for some ‘golden oldies’.

How did the album release shows go?

Really well, we hadn’t played some of the places in almost a year so it was great to see some familiar faces and show them new material.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

We’re supporting Biohazard in July, touring France for the first time in August and we have a few weekenders that are currently being booked and we’re looking to head over to mainland again in October for 10 days. We’re trying to keep busy!


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