Interview: Crossfaith [Slam Dunk 2015]

By Lais

We had a quick chat with Japanese metalcore band Crossfaith when we were at Slam Dunk, and they told us about their forthcoming new album and how excited they are to get back on the road after some hard graft in the studio.

How do you feel to be back in the UK?

I love this country! We feel super comfortable here.

How do the crowds react to you?

They drink. You guys drink a lot, and mosh, and yell, and I love it. The best three words to describe this country.

When did you last play over here?

That was on our headline tour in November.

So what can we expect? Has your live show changed much since the last time I saw you at the Kerrang! tour?

Yeah. One thing that’s different is that we’ve been in the studio so we’ve got a lot of energy and we’re so stoked to play. We’ve been writing a new record.

Ah, so you’ve got a new album on the way. Are you still in the studio?

We’ve finished tracking and now we’re on mixing. After this we’re going to LA to check on the mixing.

What can we expect from it? How does it sound?

It’s gonna be totally different. It’s still heavy but we recorded in a different way. We started tracking the guitars first and usually we start with drums, like every band, but this time we started with guitar, and then we worked on vocals from the start as well, so it was really different. Our producer was back and forth checking everything all the time. It was really cool working on it all together at the same time. Before this we’d work on the drums, then the guitar, then the bass, but this time we’re all really focused on the songs.

Where have you been recording?

In Los Angeles. The studio itself is a very nice place, but it’s in a really dark place in America. Really ghetto! It’s in downtown LA. Recording went really well though.

Do you have some Japanese shows after this?

Yeah, we have a couple big shows coming up.

How does playing over here compare with your crowd at home in Japan?

After this tour we’re doing a show in our hometown. Nobody drinks, only a few people. There’s a bar, but our music scene is mainly teenagers so they can’t drink. They have a lot of passion for the music though.

When do you think the album will be ready?

It’ll be around September I think. Very soon! We’re excited. We’re releasing a new video, so make sure you check it out.


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