Interview: Cane Hill [August 2016]

By Lais

Cane Hill have recently released their incredible debut album, ‘Smile’, and they’re currently playing Warped Tour. We had a quick chat with them to find out how they’re feeling about it all, as well as discussing their tour with Bullet For My Valentine later in the year.

Hey guys! You’ve just released your debut album, ‘Smile’ (it is absolutely blinding and you should be incredibly proud of yourselves). How are you feeling about it all?

It’s absolutely surreal. We didn’t expect it to do as well as it has and it’s an exciting time for us.

How would you describe the album and your sound in general to people who are new to the band? A lot of people have compared your sound to the glory days of bands like Slipknot and Korn. Do you think that’s fair?

I understand why. That’s music from when we were growing up. I think you could just leave it at heavy metal.

You’ve released a few songs off the album already, the most recent being ‘MGGDA’. Do you think they’re a good taster of the rest of the album?

I think what we released really showed the full spectrum of what the album will contain sonically.

Even though it’s basically like asking a parent to choose their favourite baby, do you have a particular favourite track on the album? For instance, if you had to recommend one song as a starting point for Cane Hill, which would it be?

As a starting point i’d shoot for either ‘St. Veronica’ or ‘MGGDA’. Polar opposites but two extremes.

You’ve got a lot of hype around you right now, which is very well deserved. What do you think started that off? What’s different about you to other bands?

It was definitely ‘Time Bomb’. When we released that things kind of started picking up slowly and it’s been gradual hype I guess. I think we’re just more honest, and I don’t mean that disrespecfully, but we aren’t afraid to touch sensitive topics.

You’re currently on Warped Tour. How’s it been going? How have people been reacting to you?

It’s been much better than we anticipated.

You played Download Festival earlier this year and you were described as ‘the most dangerous band at Download’, which is a hell of a compliment. How did you find the experience?

I think Download might have been the most fucked up and completely wrecked any of us have ever been. I would gladly do Download again.

You’ve got a wild few months coming up after Warped Tour: you’re playing with Bullet For My Valentine in Australia and the UK. How are you feeling about it? It should be a hell of an opportunity for you.

Our year’s got awesome tours we’re very excited about.

Do you have any more plans after the Bullet For My Valentine tour? Or are you not allowed to announce anything yet?

We don’t have anything after Bullet except for Shipwrecked. Other than that next year is open as far as I know.

Now that your debut album is out, where do you see yourselves going from here? I genuinely feel like your sound is so huge that you could be playing stadiums a few years from now.

Ohhhhh that would be cool. I really like seeing the gradual growth in fans. I don’t know where we’ll be but I’m excited to get there.


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