Interview: Boston Manor [Slam Dunk Festival]

By Tamsyn Wilce

Making their first appearance at Slam Dunk Festival this year, Boston Manor are slowly ticking off boxes from their wishlist. With the debut album up next, we spoke to Henry and Ash about what Slam Dunk means to them and what to expect from the full-length record.

We’re on the final day of Slam Dunk, how has the Festival treated you so far?

Henry: Really, really good. It’s been a fucking great weekend, we’ve had a blast, the shows have been sick, really busy and energetic. We didn’t know entirely what to expect coming into it but our expectations have been more than surpassed, we’ve had a great time.

Good! What does it mean to a band such as yourselves to be asked to play Slam Dunk?

H: It’s sort of a bastion within the scene, so to speak. It’s great that it started off as a northern festival, being a northern band we’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for it. It’s amazing how rapidly it’s expanded, it’s so well organised and there are some sick bands, I’ve just had a blast watching bands – it’s been great.

You’re here as well with some of your new label buddies, how does it feel to be part of the Pure Noise Records family now?

Ash: It’s wicked, loads of fun. They’re absolutely lovely dudes and they couldn’t be more stoked about absolutely everything. They’re the best guys and you can just chat to them for ages. We went and watched some bands with them and just hung out, probably gonna go for a meal, should be cool.

You recently recorded the debut album, what can you tell Punktastic about it? How does it move on from the EPs?

H: It’s different. If you liked ‘Saudade’ you’ll like it. It’s ten tracks and I mean, every band says this but it is definitely the best stuff we’ve ever written. I think we pushed the boundaries on what we thought we were gonna do a little bit, and I’m really proud of it. I love it. I can’t wait for you all to hear it. It’s coming out in September.

Nice, not long to wait!

H: No, the first single should be out in August probably, hopefully.

You guys are touring A LOT at the moment.

H: Not as much as we’d like to be.

Well, you’re still playing a hell of a lot of shows – what are your survival tips to other bands on the road?

H: Try and get as much sleep as you can. Take multivitamins. Try and eat well if you can, which is hard. Drink a lot of water, and fucking enjoy it man because if you’re not enjoying it there’s no point in doing it.

A: Yeah you’ve just got to be fucking like, don’t worry about stuff, don’t let thing get in your mind and put you off what you’re doing. At the end of the day it’s all about having the most fun you can, otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

Now we know you’re playing with Moose Blood towards the end of the year, but what else can we expect from you in the next six months?

H: We’re doing some more tours outside of the UK, none that we can announce yet and hopefully some headline shows at some point. We’ve got a few other little projects in the works, which is pretty cool. Creative little things that we’re working on. I realise that’s not that gratifying an answer, because it’s nothing we can announce yet.

The album is the next biggest thing to look forward to then?

H: Yeah, September. I’m sure there’s more information that’s going to come out in the next few weeks so stay tuned for that. I just can’t wait for people to hear it!

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