Hundred Reasons

By paul

Andy managed to grab a quick word with Colin Doran, Hundred Reasons vocalist after their show at the Concorde2 in Brighton last night.

PT: How’s the tour been going?
CD: Wicked! The tour’s been amazing so far.

PT: What was it like to postpone the whole thing, because of you coming down with vocal nodes?
CD: Well it was shit really, for want of a better word. When you get told things like that, you don’t know if you’re going to be able to sing again I’m not making a big deal out of it or anything, because I’m totally fine now.
PT: That’s brilliant news.
CD: Yeah, we caught it early so thankfully it went away. I didn’t have to go through any surgery or anything like that. I know people that have been through it, and it’s awful.

PT: I imagine you’ve had to take things easy this time around, cutting back on the parties and such.
CD: Well I’m not much of a partier anyway. There;s no point in hardcore partying when I know the show’s the most important thing. Myself personally, I like to keep it casual. People pay money to come and see us play, and if we’ve been out partying the night before and have to play with a hangover, this that and the other, all you’re doing is ruining your band. If people have made the effort to buy the tickets and come and turn up, then we need to put the effort in and play a good show. I’d rather be able to put on a great show, and if I’m having a bad night, it’s because I’m having a bad nihgt and not for any other reason.

PT: What’s it been like without Paul this time? [Hundred Reasons guitarist Paul Towsend left the band late last year to be replaced by band technician Ben Doyle].
CD: It’s been fine really. Ben’s been a really good friend of the band for years. I’m in Lucky 9 with him, and he’s been our guitar tech for ages and he’s on the road with us all the time. He’s a great fella, and a great guitarist, so we’re super happy with him.

PT: What about Paul’s vocal parts, like the verses of ‘Silver’ for example?
CD: Well I’m normally singing them, but tonight it was Arty [Shephard, GFM vocalist]’s last show with us, so we thought we’d bring him out. We tried it last night and it was just a riot.

PT: God Fires Man were excellent by the way, a really good choice of support.
CD: They’re some of my favourite people, and we’ve got a lot of history with those guys, so it’s been fun having them on the road with us.

PT: You’ve had a lot going on this year, with a new label and a new album. How have V2 been treating you compared to Sony?
CD: Yeah it’s been cool. Sony didn’t really treat us badly, not with the first album anyway, they were amazing, it was just when the second record didn’t sell as well. That’s all in the past now, and V2 are really good, really nice people. They’re great to work with and they’re into the band which is what we need, so they’ll fight our battles for us. We’re happy. Very Happy!

PT: What about 2007 – what have Hundred Reasons got in store this year?
CD: At the moment we’re just in the middle of writing some new tunes. Hopefully get out and record them at some point soon. We’ll probably take a break from touring for a while because when the album’s recorded there’s a delay before the release anyway, so there’s not much point going out there and playing material that hasn’t been heard yet.

PT: Well great show tonight, I hope to catch you guys again soon.
CD: Cheers, tonight has been great fun!

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