By paul

PAUL: “How long have Hangnail been together as a band?”
MIKE: “We have been playing as Hangnail for a little over 8 years. The four of us have been playing together for about 5.”

PAUL: “Which bands have influenced the Hangnail sound?”
MIKE: “A lot of different bands. Some bands that got us started were bands like
Green Day, Weezer, MxPx, NOFX, Pennywise.”

PAUL: “How did you end up on Tooth and Nail Records?”
MIKE: “Long story. Basically we gave our cd to Mike from MxPx and he gave it to a friend who gave it to a friend who knew someone at the label and they heard it and they liked it and they offered us a deal.”

PAUL: “What is the most memorable show that you guys have played and why was it so memorable?”
MIKE: “I would have to say for me it was Cornerstone Festival 2001. We were playing opposite of Further Seems Forever and they kind of had all the buzz at the fest that year. We were actually touring with them right up until Cornerstone. We always joked with each other how no one would be at our shows because we were playing at the same time. As it turned out, the night
was perfect, both of our shows were completely packed. The crowd was incredible. Its shows like that, that renew your strength when you’ve been
touring for awhile and it seems like no one cares about your music.”

PAUL: “What is on the Hangnail stereo right now?”
MIKE: “We would never be able to agree about that. A couple bands that we all really like are The Foo Fighters and U2.”

PAUL: “You’ve been compared to many bands, such as MxPx, Slick Shoes and The Ataris.
Do you think these are fair comparisons and does it flatter you to be talked about in the same breath?”
MIKE: “Of course its cool to be mentioned along side other bands that have done pretty well for themselves. But anyone who compares us to MxPx probably doesn’t listen to both bands very often. I think comparing us to Slick Shoes or The Ataris is a little bit better comparison. Still, we really strive to have our own sound. I don’t think we really sound like any other band. Especially if you listen to our latest CD ‘Facing Changes.’ That cd
better represents who we are now and where the direction of our music is going.”

PAUL: “Your lyrics are very open, honest and mainly positive. When you started out the band was this something that you had in mind from the very beginning?”
MIKE: “It wasn’t really a goal of ours when we first started. If you heard our music when we first started the lyrics really didn’t even make that much sense. I think that after like 3 years is when we made a decision as a band that we wanted to offer something more than just music. Every member of Hangnail at some point in our lives have adopted Christianity as a belief. Because of this, that is the message that comes through in our music. That is where we come from. All this to say that not every song says accept Jesus or die, but every song comes from a Christian perspective. That’s why I think you notice the positive message contained in most of our songs. As far as a lyricist, I have made the decision that I want to write in our
songs what’s really going on in my life. I want to be competly open and vulnerable to our audience. I think writing lyrics this way can help a person relate. And also think that the message is stronger.”

PAUL: “Why did you decide to record the accoustic EP as well as the “normal” Hangnail type songs?”
MIKE: “It was my idea. The other guys weren’t really all that in to it. I really like more mellow music and I thought it would be fun. Some like it, some don’t, I guess it really didn’t do much for the band or take away much either. At any rate it was fun to do.”

PAUL: “What are your plans for 2002?”
MIKE: “We plan on recording in June with a November release. Also we plan on touring like crazy as usual.”

PAUL: “Any chance of coming over to the UK to play some shows?”
MIKE: “We would love to play Europe. The opportunity hasn’t been granted to us yet. As you know, if costs a lot of money to get over there. If someone could set up a tour for us to make enough money to at least cover our expenses we would do it in a second. Got any ideas!!??”

PAUL: “If you could change anything about any Hangnail record, what would you change and why?”
MIKE: “I think we would have redone the self titled. What many people don’t know about that record is that we recorded it independently before we were on toothandnail. When they signed us they gave us the option of rerecording it or putting it out as is. At the time we wanted to get our music out right away so we decided to release it as is. I think those songs could have been done better with a bigger budget. Also with Facing Changes, we were really rushed to write songs. We wrote at least 6 of the songs during the month before we actually started recording. Looking back in retrospect, I think with a little more time, some of those songs could have developed more.”

PAUL: “Describe a typical Hangnail show in three words.”
MIKE: “Energy, Precise, Entertaining.”

PAUL: “Where do you see Hangnail in 5 years time?”
MIKE: “Who knows. That’s a tough question. I think for any band that’s at the level
we’re at it’s really hard because while you’re able to be out touring and doing all the things you love to do, the money isn’t quite there to support four guys and thier families. I know for me, I plan on getting married within the next couple years. So that will be important for me. we’ll see what happens, I guess just take things year to year.”

PAUL: “Finally, Christina Aguliera or Britney Spears?”
MIKE: “Christina has a much better voice in my opinion. And Britney seems very fake, so I’ll go with Christina.”

PAUL: “Thanks a lot Mike, anything to plug or add?”
MIKE: “Go check out www.hangnailmusic.com. You can see our new video, download songs, and sign up for our mailing list. Thank you guys for taking time to do this site. It’s people like you guys that keep people like us guys afloat.”

PAUL: “Thanks a lot, Mike.”

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