By paul

PT: Hi guys, Introduce yourselves and what you do in the band!

G:A: I am Josh, I play keyboards and synths, and do backing vocals. My brother Zack plays guitar, James is our singer, and Andy plays drums!

PT: Where are you today and what are you doing?

G:A: We are just about to load all our equipment in to the van for a show tonight in Surrey! Should be a good one…

PT: For anybody who hasn’t heard you before, describe the Go:Audio sound!

G:A: Ummmm… I think that we have some songs that you can dance to, rock out to or chill to. We have quite a lot of synths and beats, and no bassist, but we are just an ordinary band when it comes down to it. We just like to write songs you can sing along to!

PT: You recently had to pull out of the Blackout and My American Heart tour because Zack dislocated his knee. How’s he doing now? And will he be back in action for the tour with Scouting for Girls?

G:A: Yeah…. That was so annoying! The Blackout are awesome guys and we were just getting mates then Zack broke his leg on stage in Glasgow. We carried on but had to pull out of the rest of the tour. He is doing okay now. We spent the night in A&E… He had an operation a few days later and is now resting his leg. We are hoping he will be back and ready for the SFG shows. Also we are hoping to do a headline tour after that. For these dates coming up Alan from Johnny Truant is playing the guitar for us. He is a good mate.

PT: What’s the average Go:Audio live show like?

G:A: Dancing. Lots of dancing. We just like to have fun really. We use a laptop so we have beats coming off it at points which is cool.

PT: You’re heading out as support to Scouting for Girls later this month, and you were out with HelloGoodbye earlier on in the year – two bands which have pretty separate fan bases. What do you think makes Go:Audio appeal to such a diverse audience?

G:A: Yeah… We are really looking forward to it actually. They are just really nice guys. The Hellogoodbye tour was awesome. So was The Blackout tour. The thing is, loads of the same people seem to be in to all these bands… I hope that we can appeal to all different types of audience as there are some slightly heavier songs and some pop songs in our set. We just want to play to loads of people really, I think that all bands just want to get out there and play to people when it comes down to it. We listen to all types of music, so are happy playing with loads of bands, whether it’s The Blackout or Scouting For Girls!

PT: Who would you say are the band you’re proudest to have been on tour with so far?

G:A: Ummmm. We have always really liked Hellogoodbye so that was an awesome moment when we found out about that tour. Luis from The Secret Handshake is cool so that was awesome too. And The Blackout dates were great. We didn’t know them before, though we were all fans. It was great to tour with them, even though we only got to do a couple of shows. They are such a great live band!

PT: And who would you most like to tour with in the future?

G:A: Ummmm. Maybe Cute Is What We Aim For? And Head Automatica are amazing! Also Relient K are amazing, would love to just see them play. And we’ve heard that All Time Low are really fun to tour with!

PT: Your debut EP ‘Woodchuck EP’ is out on March 3rd. Have you got plans for a full-length album in store yet and if so, what can you tell us about it?

G:A: Yeah definitely! We hope to release an album this summer. We recorded it in a barn in East Sussex over a few months. It was an awesome experience. We are really excited for people to hear it.

PT: Your video for ‘Woodchuck’ had over 34,000 plays on youtube in the first week of its release, as well as being in he top ten daily at one point How important do you find youtube/myspace and the internet in general for bands trying to get themselves known today?

G:A: Myspace is so important. Well… the internet is in general really. There are no other places for bands like us to get out there we find. We are always on our myspace as it is definitely one of the best ways to get people to listen to us!! Its also quite addictive. Haha.

PT: Do you worry about the negative effect of the Internet on the music industry – illegal downloading and the like?
Is it something that you find affecting the band directly?

G:A: We haven’t really had any experience with this as we haven’t released anything but we are definitely aware of it! It is worrying as obviously its people stealing music… I think for most bands, it’s a fine line between wanting as many people as possible to hear your tracks, and actually needing to make some money just to survive.

PT: How are you spending your time before heading back out on the road in March?

G:A: We have been recording some b sides which has been fun! We are doing some uni gigs and in a week or so we are doing the video for Made Up Stories… We cannot wait. Its going to be a good one!!

PT: Thanks for your time guys! Anything you’d like to add?

G:A: Thanks for talking to us!!

Andy @ Punktastic.com

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