By paul

Paul: Hi Nate, how are things right now?
Nate: -very well thank you.

Paul: The Washington Post once described you as “theatrical…much like Panic at the Disco”. Do you see that as a compliment or an insult? How would you describe the band to someone yet to hear you?
Nate: -I think that the songs are sometimes theatrical. I think “panic” is sometimes theatrical. They never influenced us, and I wasn’t a fan until recently, but I’ve gotten to know Spencer and Brendon and I really enjoy them as people and as songwriters, so I’ll take it as a compliment regardless of the articles intent. I’d just describe us as pop music.

Paul: I have to ask – why the full stop in the band name? Was it inspired by anything in particular?
Nate: It was inspired by another band in Sweden apparently having the same name. Had to change it up a bit in order to keep the name.

Paul: Did the idea of fun. begin before the demise of The Format or did the band only come together after the split? Did you recruit Andrew and Jack or did the band form more naturally?
Nate: I’d always wanted to work with those two guys so when the format broke up I got the chance to do so. I recruited Andrew, but jack and I were always planning on doing something.

Paul: How has moving to New York changed the way in which you approach songwriting and recording, compared to when you lived in Arizona?
Nate: It hasn’t changed anything too much. Just given me more to write about. But I could most likely say that about anything that “happens” in my life.

Paul: What influenced you during the writing and recording of Aim and Ignite? Is it fair to say that as a musician you’re influenced by artists probably older than most of your fans?
Nate: I was influenced by a lot of different things, xtc, van morrison, prefab sprout, dexys midnight runners, elo. Just a whole bunch of pop music and a little bit of blue eyed soul. Id say your assumption is pretty fair.

Paul: You’re over here in the UK very soon, fun‘s first trip. The shows are very small, what can fans expect from the shows?
Nate: A whirling dervish of music fit upon a tiny stage. All smiles.

Paul: For those of us who don’t live in London, when can we expect you back for a full UK tour?
Nate: Hopefully we will be right back after the paramore tour in the u.s. I’m optimistic.

(I did ask several questions about The Format but Nate chose not to answer them).

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