Four Letter Lie

By paul

Paul: Hi, please introduce yourself and your role in the band.
Brian: My name is Brian Nagan and I do vocals in Four Letter Lie.

Paul: How did Four Letter Lie form? You;re quite a new band to the UK so how long have you been together and which bands would you say are influences?
Brian: Four Letter Lie was just a bunch of friends who wanted to make a band. We were in high school and some of our other friends had bands, so we thought it would be cool to start one up as well. The band has been together for 3 years and with this lineup about a year. We have a lot of influences, but some of mine are Refused, Glassjaw and John Mayer.

Paul: I gather your guitarist Connor is related to Logan of Dead To fall? Did this family connection have any relevance of you signing to Victory?
Brian: Well, a little bit. That is kind of how Victory heard about us. Dead to Fall had been mentioning us to them and eventually they let us come down and showcase for the label, liked us, and here we are!

Paul: Victory’s certainly one of the bigger indies in the music scene right now…how has your first few months with the label been?
Brian: It has been nothing but amazing. We all love the people there and couldn’t be more happy with our decision to make Victory Records our home.

Paul: I understand the band name is taken from a foredirelifesake track…how did that come about?
Brian: We were sitting in our bass player’s basement trying to decide on a name, and I actually was looking at the back of one of their albums and they had a song called Four Letter Lie. We loved it.

Paul: You recorded the album earlier this year – what was the recording
process like compared to previous studio time?
Brian: Before this we had just done basement demos, recording a few songs here and there..This time around we drove out to New York and lived on a farm for a month recording day in and day out. It was an amazing experience.

Paul: The album mixes up two very prominent styles – there’s the more aggressive Every Time I Die-esque side and a more poppy Hawthorne Heights style too. Was it a natural thing to push two very popular styles of music together to call your own?
Brian: This is the kind of music we have always played. We like to mix the singing and the screaming. It comes very natural to us and I would like to say we call it our own.

Paul: Who came up with the concept for the video of ‘Feel Like fame’? Was it a fun video to shoot?
Brian: Oh wow, such a fun video. I have to give credit to Darren Doane and The Filmcore. Those guys were amazing…they came up with the concept and were such great people to work with on our first video, definitely go check out their work.

Paul: Which celebrity was the song written about…because it must have been inspired by someone!
Brian: Haha, I think Kevin wrote it about a girl on the MTV show 8th and Ocean.

Paul: When can we expect to see Four Letter Lie in the UK? What should UK audiences expect?
Brian: We plan on coming out in the spring of 2007. We give every single show our all, expect a great show, a good time, and to party with us afterwards!

Paul: Are you all big Guitar hero fans? Who in the band is the best? Can we expect to challenge you all to GH2 when it comes out?
Brian: Everyone in our band is obsessed with that game except me. They got Guitar Hero II the day it came out and constantly play it on long van rides and before shows. It’s great, but I prefer Madden and Mario Kart.

Paul: On a similar note, who’s the biggest video gaming nerd on the bus?
Brian: Hmm…I would say we all are pretty big nerds

Paul: Which game is the game of choice?
Brian: Madden 2007 and Mario Kart for the classic N64.

Paul: It’s time for those best of end-of-year polls…which three records would be on your list for 2006?
Brian: Justin Timberlake – SexyBack
Brand New – The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me
Atmosphere – You Can’t Imagine How Much Fun We’re Having

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