Fei Comodo

By paul

Feat. Jay(bass) & Rob(drums)

PART 1 – Rob interviewing Jay !

1. If you could join any other band, who would it be?

Hmm thats a really hard one.. Four Year Strong, but only if their next recording doesn’t sound like a pile of shit, ha.

2. Favourite live song off our new album & why?

Cost Of Living (track 3)
It’s got some really nice mellow parts in it to chill out to but it also has some heavy bits in there that make me really want to kill someone on stage.

3. Given the chance, do you honestly think you could pull Jessica Alba?

Without a doubt! Believe it or not, I have a secret charm button that I can switch on if I want to, it would mean i’d have to change my entire personality though.. Also im a one woman man

4. Which would you rather headline, Leeds, Reading, or Download Festival? And why?

Download Festival. I think we would fit the bill more there. I’ve been to Reading before so Download for me has a bit of a mystique about it.

5. Wife-beater (sleeveless shirt) or no wife-beater?

it’s all about beating the wife.

6. Out of 10, how would you rate yourself at kissing? 10 being, “Oh my god, loveguru.com”, and 1 being, “Why is it every girl I kiss, projectile vomits in my face then sets themselves on fire??”

(7) I think I’ve got a lot of potential, but im way too cba!

7. What line-up would make your perfect gig?? It’s a 4 band bill by the way.

I’ve decided to make it a 5 band bill by the way..

Four Year Strong
Bury Your Dead
Fell Silent
Meg & Dia
Dillinger Escape Plan

all at the Underworld, would be an amazing day!

8. Album of the year?

OH GOD! I think the new Inme album is redick good, but there are so many goodens out there. Check Fell Silent.

9. What are your 5 most frequently used words or phrases?


1. wick
2. Raawfle
3. ARR my fackin’ shin splints!
4. Guys! we just got the Iron Maiden tour!
5. WILL-I-HAM (on the bone)

10. Have you had any shows that stand out in your mind as being particularly bad? If so, why?

Hell yes, the one in Manchester where i split Mikes head open with my bass was pretty shit. Also, Sheffield on the Inme tour, Im pretty sure that was show EVER in the history of live band performance.

11. What’s your most memorable Fei Comodo show to date?

Probably the London Barfly one the other day, theres something about headlining London that gets me really excited to play a show. It being absolutely mental helped as well.

12. Where is the most disgusting place you’ve taken;

a) a shower? Suprisingly it wasn’t a venue, it was a Welcome Break, pubes and shit stains EVERYWHERE.
b) a death log (No. 2)? A dirt hole in the Philipines.

PART 2 – Jay interviewing Rob !

1. Favourite song off our new album & why?

Hmmmmmm… that’s a hard one, especially seen as all the songs are absolutely amazing! Haha! But on a serious note, I think my favourite song would have to be ‘The Cost Of Living’ because I just love
every second of it! Playing wise as well, it’s so much fun ’cause it’s technical in places, but easy as hell in others! Perfect combo!

2. Are there any songs by other artists you would love to play live?

I would bloody love to play ‘The Coroner’ live with Devil Sold His Soul! The heavy section in that song gets me so psyched to play drums I can’t believe it. I think I’d smash my whole drum kit playing that ’cause I’d hit everything so damn hard out of adrenaline!

3. What tv show do you prefer, ‘My Super Sweet 16 UK’, or ‘Pimp My Ride UK’?

My Super Sweet 16 UK all the way baby! The kids on that show are so unbelievably arrogant and clueless to everything that is life, and it is so entertaining! It also cracks me up how the girls on that show
all think they’re so perfect etc, but mum & dad buying them everything they want sure isn’t changing their vomit-inducing appearance! Harsh,
but fair.

4. How long have you been playing your instrument?

I’ve been playing drums for about 6 and a bit years now I think?? Something like that anyway.

5. Are there any other instruments you’d like to learn?

God yes. I’d love to play piano. Watching highly skilled pianists is quite simply incredible. If I had the time, I’d definitely try and learn to play, but for now all I can do is my version of the Robbie Williams hit, Eternity.

6. Got any phobias you mind sharing with us?

Oh god, SAND. What the hell is that all about?! It’s by far the most annoying thing on this planet. It just gets stuck everywhere and it makes me so uncomfortable! So as you can probably guess, beaches are pretty much my worst nightmare. The sea just makes the sand stick to you even more! Then you get sand all over your towel and god! I could go on! I might write a book…

7. Out of all the bands you’ve seen, who impressed you most at the following;

a) Stage Show: Between Devil Sold His Soul & Enter Shikari if I’m honest. Both have awesome stage shows.

b) Song Quality: Reuben. Amazing band with amazing songs!

c) Tightness: Fell Silent @ Club 85, Hitchin. SO tight it was actually annoying.

d) Crowd Reaction: Parkway Drive @ Camden Underworld. That was insane.

8. What is the stupidest thing you’ve done whilst intoxicated?

Probably have to be breaking into a park at 3am, accidently vandalising the caretakers house, then getting chased by the police because of it! I broke in again the other night with some mates for a laugh, and we got chased by dogs! I’ve never ran so fast ever.

9. How do you feel about the whole ‘XXX / Straight Edge’ stuff?

Ermm, I don’t really feel anything about it to be honest! It’s not my thing, I love going out and getting drunk! It’s so funny! If people want to be straight-edge thats cool, so long as they don’t shove it in other peoples faces and hate on other people just for not being straight-edge! That is bloody irritating, and lame as hell.

10. Why should people buy our new album, ‘They All Have Two Faces’?

Well if you like what you’ve heard on myspace / live, then the album is a must! For people who aren’t too familiar with us, we’re sort of a nice mix of Thrice, Sikth, Reuben & Coheed. If you like any of them then you should like our new album! Besides, we’re poor as hell and would appreciate any help you can give!

11. You’ve got to the last round of Deal Or No Deal, there’s two boxes left, one with £250,000, and the other 1p. The banker offers you the swap, what do you do?

Don’t swap. I’d feel worse knowing I had the £250k and I swapped it for 1p than I would if I didn’t swap but ended up with 1p. Although I’d still be very pissed off, and I don’t think Noel would help the situation in anyway. And I’d HATE everyone coming up to me giving me sympathy hugs. Why do they do that anyways?!

12. Favourite venue you’ve played?

Probably the Camden Barfly. Wicked sound, nice stage, very intimate, and a sold out crowd! Proper bo’!

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