By paul

Hi, please introduce yourself and your role in the band!
~Hi, I’m Marshall and I sing in Farewell.

For those who are yet to hear Farewell, please give us a little history about how you came to be a band.
~We all met in Greensboro. Some of us grew up playing music together,some met in College. We concentrated on working a local fan base until signing and releasing our record.

How would you describe your sound for anyone who has not yet heard you? Which bands would you say influence your writing?
~We’re a pop-punk influenced rock band. We usually get lumped in with The synth/pop phenomenon, but we all have an equal part in our sound. That’s why classifying us by one instrument doesn’t make sense. Keep it simple, we’re a rock band!! Some bands that influence our sound are Get Up Kids, Green Day, New Found Glory.

Your new album, on the surface at least, is a very chirpy and chipper affair. Are you all happy people? Is the Farewell live experience as vibrant and cheerful as it is on CD?
~We try to be over the top with our live performance. We’re up there because we enjoy having fun, and we hope everyone else involved shares the good time!

How was the recording process for the new album? Who produced it? What did you learn in the studio?
~Although it was a long process it wasn’t stressful because we recorded with our good friend, Marc McClusky. He’s like a seventh member of the band. We went into the studio with a lot of complicated ideas and through the recording process the songs became more simplified. Lessons learned: less is more. We’re very happy with how the record came out.

You’re now signed to Epitaph Records. How did that deal come about and What swung the deal?
~We were shopping in Chicago and I got a phone call from label owner, Brett Guerwitz. He told me that they’d found us on MySpace and were really into the sound. A month later they flew us out to LA for a showcase. It was our first time playing on the east coast and we got to open the First night of the ’07 Epitaph Tour. It was a dream come true for us. We signed the deal about 2 months later.

The style of music Farewell creates is probably at an all time high in terms of popularity, with bands reaching the charts, selling out arenas and selling a ton of records. Why do you think the current trend for ‘pop-punk’ type bands has become so successful and how long do you see this being maintained?
~I think because younger people have access to the internet and programs like Protools it’s become easy to record a good sounding song. Some really talented bands are being over looked because of how easy it is to promote yourself these days. In my opinion if you can’t back it up live don’t bother. Pop punk has been around for years. I’m sure this phase will run it’s course, but it’s a necessity in many listeners itunes libraries.

Which bands do you enjoy touring with the most?
~We enjoy touring with bands that share interests. Our first east coast tour was with a band FOREVER THE SICKEST KIDS, who we had a blast with. Since then we become great friends with bands such as POWERSPACE, JUST SURRENDER, I AM THE AVALANCHE, and have nothing but great things to say about every band we’ve toured with.

When can we expect to see you touring the UK? Any plans for UK festival appearances this summer?
~We’re booked through the summer with touring and festivals, but we hope to make it out there in the fall.

Who do you think will be the next President of the United States?
~I don’t discuss politics, but The new Presidents of the Unites States record’s gonna be tight!

If you could say farewell to any one person in this world, who would it be
and why?
~This girl in second grade, we’ll just call her Sarah Matchooka, pulled My chair out from under me in the second grade. That was the first time I cried in public. I’ll never forgive her.hahaha Farewell SARAH!!!!!

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