Fake Problems

By paul

PT: Hi guys – who am I speaking to and what do you do in Fake Problems?

Chris Farren: Chris Farren! Singer, guitar player

PT: Where in the world are you and what are you doing today?

Chris Farren: We’re in Hanover, Germany, gearing up to play a show. We’re one week away from going home, so our morale is pretty high and we’re all in a relaxed mode.

PT: We last caught up with you guys back in March. How has the year been progressing for you guys since then?

Chris Farren: It’s been very well. We’ve toured a bunch – with Murder By Death, William Elliott Whitmore, and other great bands.

PT: You’re on tour in Europe at the moment. How have the shows been going? Any crazy tour stories to share?

Chris Farren: The shows have been really fun. We’ve done some stuff with Chuck Ragan, Broadway Calls and the Polar Bear Club – all seriously great bands. I’ve been making a video diary of the shows that you can find on our Myspace/Facebook pages. Those really sum up the “crazy moments”, like meeting Jello Biafra. Hilarious!

PT: What does the average Fake Problems live show entail for those who have never seen you before?

Chris Farren: A lot of rock, and a whole lot of roll.

PT: How do the crowds on mainland Europe compare to the crowds at shows in the UK or the US? Do you notice much of a difference?

Chris Farren: It really depends – I find mainlanders are a bit more reserved, while the UK tends to get a little wild – and US is sometimes absurd.

PT: What’s your favourite place in the world to play and why?

Chris Farren: Oh so many to name! I love Zurich Switzerland, Boston Mass, Los Angeles CA, New York City NY, Chicago IL, Birmingham AL… there’s just so many! All for different reasons – but mainly because people like us in those places, and I like people who like me.

PT: You were over here a few weeks back for the Reading & Leeds Festivals. What was your experience of those festivals like?

Chris Farren: Reading was amazing! Leeds was pretty swell too, but Reading practically blew my mind. We played in front of SO many people it was ridiculous, and we hung with a lot of our American brethren, like the Flatliners. Actually the Flatliners are Canadian. Our North American brethren, I should say. 

PT: You also played down in Brighton while over in the UK. I live in Brighton. It’s lovely isn’t it? Did you have a nice time by the sea?

Chris Farren: SUCH a good time! I had such a good time I bought a hat. A ten pound hat.

PT: What is the soundtrack to the Fake Problems tourbus? What music are you rocking out to between shows when you’re on the road?

Chris Farren: We’ve been blasting a lot of the new Future of the Left record lately. Our driver, Christoph, plays a lot of German rap. Ugh.

PT: When you’re over in our part of the world do you check out much of the UK scene? Any bands you’ve discovered while over here?

Chris Farren: I never knew how freaking famously huge Kings of Leon were until we came over here. I know they’re an American band, but being in the UK really opened my eyes to their popularity.

PT: After the Frank Turner tour it looks like you guys have some time off. Are you guys taking a break over Christmas? How do Fake Problems like to spend the festive period?

Chris Farren: We’re touring the states in December with Thursday and Dillinger Escape Plan, and then taking a month or so off to write and record. We just nestle up with our families and try to avoid loud rock and roll bars.

PT: You’re releasing ‘Diamond Rings’ as a single – the video looks like it was a hell of a lot of fun to make. What was the shoot for that like? How much input did you get on the creative side of it? Did you end up having a paint fight with all the neon paint? I bet you did.

Chris Farren: Our idea was to have wacky paint on under black lights – the rest was the director, Josh Mikel’s idea. He’s a great friend of ours – he plays in a band called Look Mexico. They’re AMAZING.

PT: What does 2010 hold in store for Fake Problems? Are you guys looking that far ahead yet?

Chris Farren: A new record, and a hundred thousand shows.

PT: Thanks for your time. Anything you’d like to add?


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